INTERVIEW: With Morgan Moroney on Ghosts

APDG Emerging Designer Screen Representative, Courtney Westbrook interviewed 10th Anniversary APDG Award Emerging Design for a Live Performance winner Morgan Moroney about his work Ghosts. How did you begin the process of designing ‘Ghosts’? Productions of Henrik Ibsen’s Ghosts can easily become museum pieces, and it is no secret that the plot’s melodramatics can seem archaic and distanced […]

President’s Letter – Winter 2022

George Liddle APDG has held the position of President of the Australian Production Design Guild since its inception 13 years ago. He has masterfully steered the guild through its infancy, ensuring that its foundations have been built on solid ground. Compassion, respect and support of one’s peers forming the bedrock. These qualities have been enshrined […]

Seriously Red – Interview with Penelope Southgate & Tim Chappel

Production designer Penelope Southgate and costume designer Tim Chappel share their experiences working on the film Seriously Red screening at this year’s Sydney Film Festival.  Seriously Red is a rowdy and rambunctious musical comedy. Red (Krew Boylan) is at a crossroads in her life. A vivacious and hilarious redhaired woman grappling with high expectations and low self-esteem, she pours […]

Streaming Services Reporting and Investment Scheme Review

The Government is seeking views on its proposed Streaming Services Reporting and Investment Scheme which it released in February .The release of its discussion paper followed ‘extensive consultation’ with industry stakeholders through its Media Reform Green Paper. The APDG along with 13 other preeminent screen industry guilds and associations, representing the interests of thousands of Australian screen industry […]

Announcing the Recipients of 2022 Kristian Fredrikson Scholarship For Design in The Performing Arts

Congratulations to Paula Levis from Victoria and Isabel Hudson from NSW.   The 2022 scholarship recipients both are very successful mid-career designers. Paula graduated from The Victorian College of the Arts, and Isabel from NIDA. For the first time this year the scholarship committee has decided to award two scholarships.  The standard of the applicants […]

Screen Partnership Funds Mental Health Training

In the lead up to Screen Forever, Ausfilm, Fox Studios Australia, Netflix, and Industrial Light & Magic, and have partnered to work with a new wellbeing enterprise led by Ben Steel, that will up-skill 60 production and post-production leaders in mental health first aid training.  “Mental health first aid teaches you how to notice the early signs of mental […]