• President’s Letter – Winter 2022

George Liddle APDG has held the position of President of the Australian Production Design Guild since its inception 13 years ago. He has masterfully steered the guild through its infancy, ensuring that its foundations have been built on solid ground. Compassion, respect and support of one’s peers forming the bedrock. These qualities have been enshrined in the guilds DNA. 

Of equal import, George has demonstrated an indelible sense of when we should celebrate one another successes and of course, how to throw a good party!

George has decided that it is time to step down from the presidency. He will of course continue to guide and advise, particularly over the coming transitional year as the new constitution is bedded in. For some completely unfathomable reason, the Executive has suggested that I might fit George’s shoes…I suspect simply because we both have Scottish antecedence. It is, none the less, with great pride that I accept the position of President of the Australian Production Design Guild.

It would be remiss of me at this juncture, not to mention the toll that COVID-19 has had on our industry, particularly live performance. Out of adversity good things can come and whilst the last couple of years have been extremely frustrating for many, I’m seeing a renewed sense of enthusiasm and a determination to move forward into a brighter future. Will our practice look the same? I’m not sure it will entirely. Designers and all those that support the design process are superbly good at reinventing themselves and thinking outside the square. In fact it goes to the heart of what it is to ‘design’. Whilst the design landscape might look slightly different, I have no doubt that there is an equally bright future for all.

Peer acknowledgment and support is profoundly important to members of the guild and a vital component in building a sense of community. Looking ahead, we will be announcing the nominees of the APDG awards in the coming weeks. On behalf of the guild I would like to thank the judges for the time they have given to this important process. It also means the GUILD’s ‘night of nights’ is fast approaching with the 2022 APDG Awards taking place at Hoyts Cinema, Entertainment Quarter, Sydney on August 14. 

I look forward to meeting with you in the coming months and serving you to the best of ability as the APDG’s second president elect.

Warmly and with respect,

– Michael Scott-Mitchell

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