• About APDG

The Australian Production Design Guild was established in 2009 as a non-profit organisation that aims to:

  • Represent designers and their associates in screen, live performance, events, interactivity and animation across Australia.
  • Recognise and nurture excellence in design through awards, mentoring and accreditation.
  • Raise the profile of stage and screen design and facilitate a vibrant design community.

FULL members must be Australian residents or citizens working in stage or screen design. APDG accredited members are FULL members who have been granted accreditation by the APDG. Accredited members keep their accreditation status in retirement.

CONCESSION members are students, teachers and retired practitioners of stage and screen design who are Australian residents or citizens.

FRIEND members are individuals or businesses based anywhere in the world who are practitioners of, are interested in, or are affiliated with stage and screen design. FRIENDS of the APDG cannot enter the APDG Awards, serve on APDG committees or apply for APDG accreditation but are encouraged to participate in the vibrant international community facilitated by the guild.


  • George Liddle APDG – President
  • Fiona Donovan APDG – Vice President
  • Marta McElroy – Director

Steering committees


  • George Liddle APDG – President
  • Fiona Donovan APDG – Vice President
  • Valentina Iastrebova  – Treasurer
  • Stephen Curtis – Live Performance Committee Chair
  • Tim Ferrier APDG – Screen Design Committee Co-Chair
  • Scott Bird APDG – Screen Design Committee Co-Chair
  • Igor Nay – Representative to the Australian Film Industry
  • Daniel Willis – Website Manager
  • Jacinta Leong APDG – Facebook Manager
  • Dannielle Alexander – Social Media Manager
  • Diaan Wajon – MENTORAPDG Program Screen Coordinator
  • Tobhiyah Stone Feller – MENTORAPDG Program Live Performance Coordinator, Live Performance Committee Member
  • Bob Hill – Screen Education Manager
  • Dr Julie Lynch APDG – Live Performance Committee Member
  • Jennifer Irwin APDG – Live Performance Committee Member
  • Eamon D’Arcy – Live Performance Committee Member
  • Paul Matthews – Live Performance Committee Member
  • Imogen Ross – Live Performance Committee Member
  • Anna Tregloan – Live Performance Committee Member


  • Aphrodite Kondos – VIC Committee Chair
  • Anna Cordingley – Live Performance Committee Member, Victorian Representative
  • Rolland Pike
  • Robert Perkins
  • Jo Briscoe
  • Tao Weis
  • Ellen Stanistreet


  • Michelle McGahey APDG – QLD Committee Co-Chair
  • Michael Rumpf – QLD Committee Co-Chair


  • Emma Fletcher – WA Committee Chair


  • Casey Van Sebille – SA Committee Chair

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