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FAME LSA Interview – Stephen Curtis

FAME LSA is the Film, Arts, Media and Entertainment Law Students’ Association, a group of law students from University of Melbourne Law School, passionate about arts and culture. FAME aims to foster graduate student engagement with the creative industries by promoting creativity, facilitating professional development and offering skill building opportunities for those interested in all […]

Emerging Designers Update – December 2020

APDG Emerging Designers’ Committee was formed to give a formal voice to the already active and strong community of up-and-coming designers across Australia. The committee seeks to enhance the representation of emerging designers within our industries, advocate for their issues, encourage opportunities through our guild and create a strong and diverse support network of emerging designers […]

APDGreen Conversations: Visionary Spokes

‘Our responsibility is to make a difference. There is a moral and ethical imperative to act NOW.’ [from Road to Carbon Zero; live webinar facilitated by Julie’s Bicycle, 14th May 2020, U.K.] Julie’s Bicycle [see https://juliesbicycle.com/why-we-exist/about-us] was established in 2007  and remains an influential group in the UK who work directly with the Theatre and Live Events industry […]

APDGreen Conversations: Eco Provocation- re-thinking our practices

By Imogen Ross APDGreen Conversations has been catching up with the many exciting conversations happening across Australia and the world about environmental issues and production design. In this Quarter’s newsletter, theatre designer Imogen Ross sums up a few different perspectives from APDG designers and freelance production creatives who are actively championing environmental initiatives across film, TV, […]

APDGreen Conversations: Going Around in Circles – environmental stewardship in the circular economy

‘Data IS currency’ was reiterated several times by Sarah Tosone who works as a specialist in environmental management across Australian film and TV production, events and festivals. As a professional environmental steward Sarah is passionate about working alongside production designers and their Heads of Department (HODs) to aid a production’s carbon footprint move towards zero. Ensuring […]

The Impossible Project

The Impossible Project – by Anna Tregloan This article is based on a presentation given by Anna Tregloan at Performance Space Live Works Festival. Here Anna contemplates the impact on live performance and events designers whose work was cancelled or postponed or simply rendered ‘impossible‘ by the COVID pandemic. Anna introduces us The Impossible Project […]

APDG President’s Letter – Summer ’20/’21

2020, a year to remember or try to forget, I’m not sure which. It has been a tough year for most of our colleagues in the live performance and screen industries, more so for live performance with venues dark for most of the year. However, there seems to be a glimmer of light peeking through […]


THE VIVID SYDNEY 2021 LIGHT EXPRESSION OF INTEREST IS NOW OPEN It’s time to see your name in lights. Vivid Sydney is calling all light artists, designers, creatives, architects, engineers, businesses and educational institutions to be a part of the festival in 2021. We are looking for unexpected stories to be told through transformative light-art. […]


We can safely say now that the performing arts and entertainment sector has been pretty well usurped for 2020. Not just in Australia, of course, but world-over. We know it too well; no one reading this can be unaffected. And if you are at all like me, you may have been wondering why the national […]


On and off stage Background Oscar Wilde’s immortal tale of The Happy Prince has become a significant part of my career’s trajectory since 1992. As the founder and Artistic Director of Theatre of Image The Happy Prince was suggested to me as a potential theatre piece by my partner, Neil Hunt. It became our second […]

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