• Terms and Conditions



  • WORK submitted to the Awards must have been broadcast, screened or performed for the first time in the Australian financial year beginning 1st July 2018 and ending 30th June 2019.
  • ENTRANTS must be FULL or CONCESSION members of the APDG.
  • FRIEND members may not enter the awards but are able to purchase a BUSINESS NAME ON TROPHY option if they are the producers or owners of copyright in a WORK that is being entered by a FULL member.
  • ENTRANTS may enter more than one WORK in the Awards. A separate ENTRY PACKAGE must be submitted for each entry.
  • The same WORK may not be submitted twice in any category except for a second time in ‘Concept Design: drawing, concept illustration and concept models for screen, events, interactive exhibition and live performance’ Award if artwork is a big part of the WORK.
  • ENTRANTS may enter as many categories as they like.
  • The most senior head of a department should act as the ENTRANT where there is a DESIGN TEAM involved.
  • Serving on APDG boards, panels or committees does not restrict entry.



ENTRANTS receive and own the APDG trophy if they win unless the BUSINESS NAME ON TROPHY OPTION is purchased by the production company or owners of copyright in the WORK. The BUSINESS NAME ON TROPHY OPTION can only be purchased by FRIEND members of the APDG.

ENTRANTS will need to be able to authorise, or attach a letter of authorisation from the relevant authority, to permit the APDG to:

  • Air the supplied CLIP and STILL at the APDG Awards event.
  • Choose music to accompany the supplied CLIP if no soundtrack is attached.
  • Publish the supplied CLIP and STILL on all APDG Awards related materials and websites.
  • Distribute the supplied STILL to media reporting on the APDG Awards.

The APDG directors reserve the right not to present an award in any category.

Decisions made by the APDG directors regarding the Awards are final.

Where a category receives 3 or less entries then the category will not run and the ENTRANT will be refunded the full amount.



The APDG Awards entry form, eligibility criteria, entering, judging, and announcing processes use the following definitions:

BUSINESS NAME ON TROPHY OPTION: Available to FRIEND members of the APDG. The right to have the name of a business or name of the owner of copyright in the WORK above or in the place of the name of the ENTRANT. Also the right to own, keep and accept the trophy at the Awards ceremony. In a best case scenario the ENTRANT and THE DESIGN TEAM should be onstage during any acceptance when BUSINESS NAME ON TROPHY OPTIONS have been purchased

ENTRANT: The name of a FULL member who is the individual who is the lead designer or the leader of the DESIGN TEAM responsible for the WORK. The individual responsible for compiling the entry, signing the entry form and seeking permission from the production company or owner of copyright in the WORK to enter the awards.  The name on the trophy will be that of the ENTRANT unless the BUSINESS NAME ON TROPHY OPTION is purchased by the owner of copyright in the WORK, in which case the ENTRANT’S name on the trophy is optional.

Exceptions to ENTRANT’S being a FULL MEMBER:

  • ENTRANTS in the Student categories may be CONCESSION members.
  • ENTRANTS in the Games category may be without membership.

ENTRY PACKAGE:  Consists of one folder with three elements:

  • The WORK. The project to be judged (many files)
  • The CLIP (Not judged) (one file)
  • The STILL (Not judged) (one file)

DESIGN TEAM: A maximum of 6 names and their roles as defined by the ENTRANT. This team may consist of APDG members and/or non-members.  When the lead designer (or ENTRANT) is not Australian half or more of the DESIGN TEAM members must be Australian. The names and roles of winning teams will be announced at the APDG Awards event and will be listed in the APDG Awards program and on the APDG website.

The WORK: The project to be judged.

The CLIP: Not judged. A 20-25 second movie or compilation of stills. It will be screened at the APDG Awards ceremony and on APDG Awards related websites if the ENTRANT is shortlisted.

The STILL: Not judged. A JPEG image (a minimum of 300 dpi – 900 pixels wide). That will be used to represent the WORK at the Awards ceremony, on APDG Awards related websites and in media coverage.

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