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APDG: Who do I contact in my state to lend my support or ideas to the APDG?

NSW:     George Liddle, President and Co-Founder george@apdg.org.au
VIC:        Aphrodite Kondos, VIC Committee Chair playtime@bigpond.net.au
ACT:      Toni Ffrench, ACT Committee Chair admin@apdg.org.au
QLD:      Michael Rumpf, QLD Committee Co-Chair flug@onthenet.com.au
Michelle McGahey, QLD Committee Co-Chair michellemcgahey711@gmail.com
WA:       Emma Fletcher, WA Committee Chair emma.fletcher@apdg.org.au
SA:         Casey Van Sebille, SA Committee Chair cvansebille@gmail.com

APDG: Who do I contact within the APDG with media enquiries?

Our members are highly regarded around the world, and recognised for their contribution to their industry. If you have a media enquiry or interview request, please contact Fiona Donovan at: fiona@apdg.org.au

Membership: What are the benefits for members?

Join the APDG and enter your work in our annual awards cycle, network with other practitioners at APDG events, engage with our successful MentorAPDG program, continue learning at APDG presentations and benefit from the development of industry manuals and contracts. Read more about our membership levels here.

Membership: How do I join the APDG?

Please visit the Join Now page, and enter in your information. Upon successful payment, you’ll then be able to complete your profile.

Membership: Who do I contact to update my details or ask about my membership status?

Our administrator works part-time and will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible. Please email admin@apdg.org.au.

Membership: I used to be a member, but I can't login anymore. What do I do?

In June 2018 we launched our next website which featured a new membership and administration system, with all paying members brought across. It’s possible you might not have been a paying member at the time. To check, please enter your email in the ‘request password’ field on the Login page. If no email was found, you can sign up for a new account on the Join Now page.

If you feel you were a paying member, please contact admin@apdg.org.au.

Membership: How can I change to an automatic annual deduction?

Please login to My Account, and on the first screen you’ll find your payment options.

Membership: How can I sign up for a year's free membership if I'm a graduating student?

Please email admin@apdg.org.au with your full name and a copy of your course ID card.

APDG Awards: How do I add my APDG award nomination or win to my IMDB page?

Email admin@apdg.org.au for step by step instructions.

Website: Who do I contact if I’m having trouble logging into the APDG site?

Our administrator works part-time and will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible. Please email admin@apdg.org.au.

Website: Can I contribute images of my work to be shown on the APDG site?

We are always keen to publish fresh images that reflect Australia’s dynamic design industry and represent all areas of our community: screen, stage, events, interactivity and animation. If you would like your work to be celebrated on the APDG site, please seek permission from the copyright owner (producer, studio, theatre company, photographer, etc.). Forward your high quality images with copyright details to Daniel Willis at: daniel.willis@apdg.org.au

Resources: Where can I find accredited members?

You can view accredited members here, or choose the ‘Accredited Members’ option under the Skills & Business Directory.

Resources: How do I apply for the Thelma Afford Award?

The Thelma Afford Award was established to promote the further study of theatre, film or TV costume design for emerging practitioners and students. It is run annually alongside the APDG Awards. Watch this page throughout the year for updates on application requirements and timelines: https://apdg.org.au/resources/professionals/thelma-afford-award/

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