To celebrate International Production Design Week, APDG’s Lauren Kheir has curated a new series of APDG Dialogues In Design. 
  1. Dynamic Duo Sophie Nash and Nicholas Dare chat about their time working on 3000 Years of Longing, and the challenges and highlights of creating worlds throughout time. Interviewed by Emily Jansz.
  2. Prolific designer and APDG President Michael Scott-Mitchell APDG and talented Lighting Designer Nick Schlieper APDG reflect on the many years of their collaboration. Interviewed by Madeleine Barlow.
  3. BAFTA winning, APDG Award winning and Oscar nominated prosthetic make-up supervisor Jason Baird shares his stories and insights into reinventing history for the Baz Luhrmann film Elvis. Interviewed by Lauren Kheir.
  4.  Join Emerging Design Screen Representatives Lauren Kheir and Emily Jansz, and diversity representatives Reilly O’Loughlin and Wei Guo as the discuss life beyond design school, career paths and expectations and what it means to work in the screen industry in 2023.

3000 Years of Design with Sophie Nash & Nick Dare

Michael Scott-Mitchell APDG & Nick Schlieper APDG

Elvis: Recreating History with Jason Baird

Life After Design School

The APDG has an amazing line-up of outstanding APDG designers, who share their experience and expertise.

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In 2020, APDG Social Media Manager Vanessa Loh and APDG Online Manager Daniel Willis produced an exciting new series of interviews, APDG Dialogues in Design. In 2021, it returned with Matt Putland APDG coordinating and 2023 with Lauren Kheir coordinating. If you would like to be involved in the future, please CONTACT US.

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