APDG Accreditation

APDG accreditation is granted to full members who have consistently demonstrated high standards in design and design innovation, as well as having actively promoted design’s value and contribution to Screen and Live Performance industries. APDG Accreditation is considered the highest honour that can be bestowed on an APDG member.


Application and Assessment Process

The Accreditation Assessment Panel consists of a diverse range of accredited members with a wide variety of expertise, drawn from across Australia and from industry sectors relevant to the applicant. Up to six accredited members review each application. The Assessment Panel considers all application criteria and all recommendations for accreditation must be agreed upon by at least four of the six members conducting the review.

Newly APDG accredited members are announced at the annual APDG Awards.

Eligibility Criteria for APDG Accreditation

NOTE: Applicants must have been a full APDG member for at least the last three years and remained financial throughout.

Once accredited – the member must remain financial to continue to use the APDG accreditation next to their name and in professional credits – until such time as they retire and their ongoing concession membership allows them to retain their accredited status. Retired APDG accredited members are granted free lifetime concession membership on the announcement of their retirement so they might keep their accreditation status in perpetuity.

Applicants must be Australian or New Zealand citizens or residents.

Responsibilities and Commitment of Accredited Members

If you’re considering applying for accreditation, please be aware that should you be successful and receive your letters, it comes with a certain degree of responsibility and commitment. The guild survives by the efforts and participation of its members and appreciates and expects your involvement in activities such as: Awards judging, accreditation assessments, giving an industry talk, participating as an APDG mentor, nominating as a member of the national executive, or taking on an operational or state liaison role. 

The guild is only as good as its members, and by gaining your letters, does in turn mean that the guild anticipates that you will be an ACTIVE contributor in order to continue the growth of the guild.

We ask you to consider and confirm that you are willing to contribute as an accredited member before you apply for accreditation.

APDG Accreditation Application Fee

An accreditation application fee of $200 is to be paid with an entrant’s submission.



Application Form

Please select the Application Form for either SCREEN or LIVE PERFORMANCE (for those who have credits in both genres choose the genre with the most or preferred credits). Please note: the work should demonstrate a high level of creativity, aesthetic innovation and consistent high level contribution to design.

Legal Disclaimer

APDG accreditation is an acknowledgement of design aesthetics and community service. It is not an accreditation of anything else associated with design.