Climate and Sustainable Production Training

Ontario Green Screen offers FREE Climate Change and Sustainability training (and carbon calculation training) to people involved in screen production, in all on/off set roles. It also hosts sustainability resources, websites and libraries. It is based in Toronto in Canada, but being online, can be accessed by APDG members from wherever they might be. It is designed for the Canadian film industry but equally relevant to our work here in Oz.

Imogen Ross (APDG’s environmental sustainability detective) completed a recent 3hr Climate Change and Sustainability Training webinar and found the course was well-structured and thought-provoking.  It provided participants with opportunites to share ideas and discuss different case studies in break out rooms and share resources and tips to the group.

Imogen found it to be a valuable awareness-raising experience for designers, HoDs, workshops, art and costume departments.

    “The two presenters were both experienced screen designers and cinematographers with so much science-based information to share with the participants about the impacts of climate change on our industry. It was totally alarming to see how much carbon is expended on just one production, let alone a long-running series. This webinar really helped put our shared responsibilities in perspective and work out the different areas to focus on when working together on set. The urgency of the current climate situation was clearly demonstrated and I felt inspired by the end of it – ready to make changes both in my practice and with my teams.”

Climate and Sustainable Production Training

The Ontario Green Screen initiative offers Climate and Sustainable Production training to all film workers. Climate & Sustainable Production education is an essential step towards environmental stewardship.  Our program provides the context needed to better understand the climate emergency we face and how to make a difference on set.

Ontario Green Screen offers this course for free, delivered online to allow participation regardless of where you live. It is 3 hours in length, with a 10 minute break between the 2 sections. The content is delivered with plenty of opportunity to discuss, share ideas and collaborate with the instructors and other participants.

Course Description:

Section 1: Climate Change Fundamentals

This section provides you with the tools needed to better understand the global factors feeding into climate change, the effects of changing weather patterns on our planet and what can be done to help make lasting change.

Section 2: Sustainable Production Practices

This section provides tactics and actions to help you make better choices for yourself and your production while also saving money.

For more information on the OGS: Climate and Sustainable Production Training program please contact

When is the next training webinar? Mon, Apr 17, 2023 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM AEST

How? Register your interest HERE.

There will be more Free training in coming months – contact them to find out more.

Carbon Calculation

For those who wish to deep dive further into measuring their production’s carbon foorprint – check out their upcoming FREE Carbon Calculation course – using the UK’s leading carbon calculation tool for screen – ALBERT

And Then….

After completing the sustainability training you just might want to sign the International Creative Industries Pact!

Creative Industries Pact For Sustainable Action

The Pact is an aspirational set of goals for the creative industries, encouraging voluntary action. It references international agreements to ensure the industry is aligned with and committed to local and global climate goals, and encourages any organization to work toward the outlined goals and objectives in their own way and context. The Pact also offers the opportunity for organizations and individuals to self report on their sustainability initiatives, and collaborate and celebrate within an international community of climate enthusiasts in the creative industries.

The Pact applies to corporations, public agencies, member-based organizations, film schools, film commissions and any organization working in or with the creative industries that is willing and able to work toward the pledges within.

The Pact also applies to any individual working in or with the creative industries that is willing and able to work toward the pledges within and actively encourage others to do so as well. Individuals who endorse The Pact become Ambassadors.

PS. Sustainable Screens Australia have told us they will be rolling out Australian- based Carbon Calculation training very soon, using the UKs ALBERT tool. Watch this space and/or register your interest with Sustainable Screen Australia.