APDGreen Conversations – Winter 2023

In this Quarter’s newsletter, Imogen Ross shares links and information about what is happening in the enviro- sphere, for both stage and screen peeps. Sustainable Theatres Australia and Sustainable Screens Australia have all recently launched new projects that promote environmental awareness and encourage designers, producers and makers to focus on reducing their carbon emissions on [...]

The Culture and Climate Report

Though not strictly 'design' focused, I want to share information about the recently released Culture for Climate: a preliminary study into how Australian performing arts organisations are responding to the global environmental crisis report, which I peer reviewed last month for the newly-formed Performance and Ecology Research Lab [P+ERL] based at Griffith University in QLD. The Climate for [...]

Climate and Sustainable Production Training

Ontario Green Screen offers FREE Climate Change and Sustainability training (and carbon calculation training) to people involved in screen production, in all on/off set roles. It also hosts sustainability resources, websites and libraries. It is based in Toronto in Canada, but being online, can be accessed by APDG members from wherever they might be. It [...]

APDGreen Conversations – Autumn 2023

In this Quarter’s update, multi-disciplinary designer Tobhiyah Stone Feller chats about her recent production at ATYP The Resistance and Imogen Ross adds loads of links and  information about upcoming sustainability,  carbon calculation and climate change seminars for both stage and screen peeps. Things are really taking off around the globe in the Eco-Design and sustainability [...]

The Resistance: Eco-Ethical Approaches

APDGreen Conversations: The Resistance - Eco-Conscious design choices with Tobhiyah Stone Feller Eco-design, as a new way of creating, takes part in altruistic and collective reasoning. Practising it becomes a way of taking care of our surroundings, our ecosystem, and ourselves. Social and environmental issues are an integral part of the eco-design process. The eco-responsible [...]

APDGreen Conversations: Costumes

Imogen Ross shares some Costume Sustainability Tips she has gathered while researching Fashion’s environmental footprint.“Did you know that every time you buy something that is disposable you use it then throw it away. You are literally throwing your money away.”Everytime we make a decision, we have the power to support a practice that is either sustainable or one [...]

APDGreen Conversations around the globe – 2022

Being ‘ecological’ means integrating an awareness that no decision stands on its own: every design choice is intertwined with social, environmental, economic and political consequences that are far reaching and capable of having long-term effects, and, ultimately, benefits. Tanja Beer – Ecoscenography APDGreen Conversations is catching up on the many exciting environmental sustainability developments both in Australia […]

WIFTI Worldwide Webinar on Sustainable Wardrobe and Set: Women in film and television making a difference.

APDGreen Conversations had the opportunity to interview environmentally-focussed INSTA-fashionista Bunny Yan in December as part of the Women in Film and Television International webinar series. Bunny Yan produces an award-winning digital series called The Left Side Of Fashion that focuses on the fun and the fascinating side of impact-positive fashion around the world. She interviews […]