Live Performance Meet-ups Return

Live Performance Committee Meet-ups

The Live Performance Committee recently decided to resume regular Zoom casual meetups which were a huge success during lockdown. They are planning meetups on the first Monday of the month, starting April 1. The first is scheduled from 1:00 to 2:00pm with a review on times for later dates.

These meetups will be an opportunity for all live performance designers, whether APDG members or not, to drop in, meet others, swap notes and build the community. The conversation will be very informal, and everyone is welcome to participate or listen in. We always learn a lot about what the issues are for Live Performance designers when we have these informal conversations, and it’s always great to hear how our peers are dealing with similar issues.

Credit: Holding Achilles. Photo by Dean Hanson. Lighting Designer Ben Hughes, Costume Designer Anna Cordingley. Set Designers Anna Cordingley & David Morton