Screen Update 2023

Screen Committee Update 2023

The APDG screen committee met quarterly throughout 2023 to focus on screen specific industry and advocacy initiatives, in addition to APDG programs and events. Highlights for the year include the International Production Design Week celebrations, updating the website to a more modern design, adopting and adapting the #nakedwithoutus campaign and of course celebrating the APDG Awards.  For many of our members, 2023 has been quite a challenging year with the strikes in the USA and we are optimistic that 2024 will bring more overseas work to our shores.

In our most recent screen meeting we established the goals we’d like to achieve as a screen committee in 2024, these include (but certainly aren’t limited to) Screen Dreaming and Planning Day where we discuss screen specific issues and future plans, review and update the screen manual, feature more screen members and their work on our Member Spotlight, ensure Production Designers are being acknowledged at film festivals, explore creating workflow, financial literacy and other courses and creating more awareness of our member noticeboard to crew upcoming jobs.   And in 2024, we will continue to support our screen costume design representatives Erin Roche and Liz Keogh-Palmer with the costume design initiatives and campaigns.

2024 Screen Committee Meeting Dates (7:00pm – 8:00pm via Zoom)

  • Tuesday February 13
  • Tuesday May 14
  • Tuesday August 13
  • Tuesday November 12

‘Blueback’ – Photo by David Dare Parker.
Production Design – Clayton Jauncey
Costume Design – Lien See Leong