President’s Letter – Winter 2023


Through one of life’s delightful and unexpected turns I have just completed my first year as the APDG president. The APDG is a very different organisation to the one I first came to know in 2009. Perhaps not surprisingly, it its far more cohesively integrated into the Australian performance design culture and has established itself as a focal point for designers and affiliates. This is largely due to the enthusiasm and dedication of a large number of practitioners who have worked tirelessly to support the guild through its infancy.

On behalf of the directorate I would like to thank a number of people who have given of themselves, supporting the guild in a variety of positions but have decided to take a break from more formal duties. Those stepping down this year are Anna Cordingley, Scott Bird, Tim Ferrier, Igor Nay, Geoff Cobham and Bob Hill. A hearty thanks to all of you. Courtney Westbrook is stepping down from her emerging position (where she has done a fantastic job) and moving to an operational role – Advocacy.

Thank you to all the members who continue to serve on the National Executive, in an operational role or state liaison position and welcome to those members that have volunteered for the coming year. There are many members that have put their hands up for this year and we look forward to the fresh perspectives they will undoubtedly bring.

The AGM also saw a special resolution passed to accept all alterations to the constitution. A document, which owes a deep debt of gratitude to number of people, but in particular Stephen Curtis APDG and Scott Bird APDG. Any self-respecting Constitution would of course feel lonely unless accompanied by a rule book. We now have one of those as well.

This year we will be holding the annual awards ceremony in Melbourne, for the first time since 2019. Congratulations to all the nominees and we will celebrate on Saturday August 26, 2023 at the VCA’s Federation Hall, Southbank, Melbourne.

On a more personal note, I’d like to thank Vice President Fiona Donovan APDG, Live Performance Committee chair Stephen Curtis APDG, APDG Treasurer Michael Rumpf APDG, APDG Business Manager Rebecca Whittington and my colleagues on the National Executive, who have all in their own way, tried to keep me on the straight and narrow over the course of my first year. Good luck with that!

George Liddle has kindly agreed to stay on for another year as a director to help guide us through this transition period. His advice, as ever, is invaluable. Thank you George.

– Michael Scott-Mitchell APDG

Michael Scott-Mitchell APDG