The Australian Location Managers Guild (ALMG,) has launched a website, to promote the creative and logistical contributions that the Location Department makes to bring abstract concepts and writing to the screen. The guild is now inviting Locations Department professionals, as well as screen industry colleagues, to apply to become members online. ALMG is truly national, with representatives from every state in Australia, making the organisation a great way for members to connect and exchange knowledge in a supportive environment.

For several years, Locations crew have joined locally or across states to form strategies to meet the requirements of a rapidly changing industry. With the increased demand to service large productions across Australia, the timely formation of ALMG follows the Federal Government’s announcement as part of the 23/24 Budget to increase the Location Offset to 30%, as well as Screen Australia’s recent launch of new programs to boost below-the-line capacity, with a focus on training skilled professionals to work in departments such as Locations. ALMG company directors Elizabeth Sarsfield, Mark Evans and Jacob Livermore found early support for the idea of starting an Australian guild from federal and state screen agencies, as well as keen interest from producers and other screen guilds. APDG Business Manager Rebecca Whittington affirms “The Australian Production Design Guild is looking forward to collaborating with the ALMG to build a stronger and more vibrant community within the Australian screen industry.”

Locations work with many teams such as the Art Department, to create the worlds that screen actors inhabit. ALMG is keen to connect with other industry associations, to elevate the Locations profession and provide a fresh perspective about the filmmaking process. ALMG President Elizabeth comments “Our department plays a special role when it comes to production attraction, and the value that a location brings to the look of a screen project, as well as the successful management of crews working with communities and public spaces should not be underestimated.” In support of making Australia a world class filming destination, many Location Managers across the country like ALMG Queensland state representative Naysan Sinave, want to protect our nation’s best assets. Naysan believes that ALMG can be “a way for productions to have access to Locations personnel that know what they’re doing, to ensure that we can return to familiar locations, and strike out for new ones with confidence and professionalism.”

ALMG is starting off small, but the guild has big ideas and is optimistic about the future for the Australian Locations Department. Vice President of ALMG Mark Evans, began his career as a Director and Cinematographer and remains an active committee member for the South Australian branch of the Australian Cinematographer’s Society, one of Australia’s most established industry guilds founded in 1958. Mark emphasises “there is real value in joining and contributing to an organisation created for the members by the members. Knowing what the ACS has achieved over the last 30 years, I’m confident that ALMG can build and become a real voice in the film community.”

About the Australian Location Managers Guild Limited

ALMG is a not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee formed in March 2023. ALMG’s purpose is to celebrate and promote the logistical contributions that Location Department teams make in Australia, to bring stories to the screen. The guild aims to raise the profile of Location Management within the screen industry and wider community, by developing opportunities for Locations crew to maintain their skills and raise standards within the profession through mutual co- operation. The guild consists of a national executive committee with representation from every Australian state. ALMG aims to collaborate with Australian guilds and screen industry leaders to contribute to the success of filming in Australia.

Elizabeth Sarsfield – Company Director – VIC

Jacob Livermore – Company Director QLD

Mark Evans – Company Director – SA

Blueback, Native Dog Beach, Bremer Bay © Arenamedia Pty Ltd, photography by David Dare Parker
The Rover, photography by Mark Evans, Location Manager, South Australia
VIC feature film Road to Boston Photo- Adam Trafford © The Courier/ACM
TVC – “Uluru Statement from the Heart” Photographer: LM & Ariel Cinematographer Chris Tangey, Northern Territory
LMGI nominated production The Tourist, photography by Mark Evans, South Australia