President’s Letter – Autumn 2023


The long-awaited revitalisation of arts funding under Labor’s stewardship has been revealed. Prime minister Anthony Albanese emphasised, whilst launching the $300m Revive arts and culture policy in Melbourne, that it would enhance the lives of all Australians.

Among the significant policies revealed was the establishment of Creative Australia, a body that will supersede the Australia Council as the country’s prime cultural funding and advisory body, with $200m in funding over four years.

“The Brandis cuts will be returned in full,” Tony Burke, the Federal arts minister confirmed, referring to $104m the Australia Council lost in 2014 when George Brandis was arts minister.

(Who knew you could hide that much cash under a tutu? Thanks, STC Wharf Review!)

Australia’s arts community has welcomed these much-anticipated initiatives.

Chief executive of Screen Producers Australia, Matthew Deaner, acknowledged that the proposed 20% quota for Australian content would protect Australian stories and culture.

“This will create a better, fairer, more compassionate, and more understanding nation. It starts and ends with culture – the core of our community and nationhood.”

“If done right, this will secure our sector, our jobs and Australian stories for the long haul,” he said (Information sourced from Kelly Burke’s excellent article in the Guardian – Mon January 30 2023, 15.57 AEDT.)

Speaking of excellence, the new APDG website is live and includes the new ‘member spotlight’ section (featuring members’ work) and the new ‘Noticeboard’ for sharing information and job opportunities.

With the AGM fast approaching in May, I encourage you to think about how you might engage more fulsomely with your guild – join the National Executive or take up a state liaison or operational position.

…and finally, it is nearly that time again…so soon??? The APDG awards open on April 1, but then any ‘fool’ knows that! I look forward to seeing the great work that our members have designed over the past year.


– Michael Scott-Mitchell APDG

Michael Scott-Mitchell APDG

Paul Keating