Wellbeing – Covid-19 Resources & Community

Covid-19 Resources & Community

The rapid and unprecedented escalation of the Covid-19 crisis has caused enormous challenges for our industries.

The APDG would like to express our heartfelt sympathy to those whose working lives have been upturned. While we, of course, support all restrictions that will protect the health and well being of both our and the larger community, we also recognise that this is a difficult and destabilising time for many of our members. We are all together in this challenging time and we encourage people to reach out and share support where possible.

This page is here to keep you connected with support networks and resources. If you are experiencing a personal crisis, please call Lifeline Australia on 13 11 14 or see the resources below.

All links are provided to support our community. If you have suggestions for more, or feedback, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

APDG Membership Fee Relief

In response to the economic impacts of Covid-19 on our community, the APDG understands that members may not be in a financial position to renew their memberships at this time. If your membership is due for renewal and you are experiencing financial hardship, please contact Rebecca at admin@apdg.org.au to request a deferral on your fee payments, while still retaining your current membership status. For members who are still working or in a financial position to maintain your membership, we very much appreciate your support at this time.

APDG Online Meetups

The APDG believes in social connection. Each week we are hosting online drop-in meetups. If you’d like to connect with designers from across the country, please feel free to join us for an informal chat about what’s happening, what we can do to support each other and anything else you’d like to discuss. You’re also welcome to sit and listen.

Live Performance Meetups
To join in, email meetings@annatregloan.com.au for a Zoom link.
Fridays – 1pm QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS / 12.30pm NT, SA / 11am WA
(Note: times may change)

Screen Meetups
To join in, email scottjamesbird@gmail.com for a Zoom link.
Thursdays – 4pm QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS / 3.30pm NT, SA / 2pm WA
(Note: times may change)

Helpful Surveys

For those whose work has been affected by the crisis we encourage you to tell your story below. The more responses these surveys have the more data we have to back up our industry in arguing for Government support.

Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA) – Covid-19 Survey
Screen Producers of Australia (SPA) – Survey on the Effect of Coronavirus on Screen Production
I Lost My Gig Australia – Survey
Lost Work for Artists and Creatives of Colour – Survey from Diversity Arts Australia
HEartS: Health, Economic and Social impact of the ARTs – International survey from Imperial College London

Support & Community

If you need someone to talk with:

Find support in these online communities:

Supporting each other:

Health information:

Design Business

Industry organisations:

Helpful links:

  • Covid-19 Freelance Artist Resources – a wealth of resources from the Freelance Artist Resource Producing Collective. A collection of four freelance producers and culture makers.
  • Performing Lines  – A growing collection of Covid-19-specific opportunities, grants, guidelines and arts jobs.
  • Auspicious Arts – links to assist artists whose shows and events are affected.

APDG Resources:

  • APDG Live Performance Standard Agreement for DesignersThe APDG contract which should be seen as a reasonable industry standard. The cancellation clause is that the contractor should receive 50% of their fee or the next installment if the amount already paid is over 50%. It also stipulates that on cancellation all rights revert to the designer.
  • APDG Resources – a range of resources for design professionals and students.

Government Information & Responses

Safety Online

Basic rule: Don’t click the link
When it comes to the ATO, Centrelink and other government departments, they don’t send you links to click on. They don’t ask for your personal information. They don’t need your drivers license or passport numbers. Coles and Woolworths are NOT giving away $200 vouchers. Foxtel, Netflix, Stan or any other streaming services are not giving you a subscription for free. DO NOT CLICK ON LINKS that seem too good to be true because they’re probably not.

  • COVID-19 Scams – with increased online activity there is an increased number of online scams. This ACCC site provides updates on what to look out for.


New South Wales:

Personal Finance

Jobs Boards

  • Vimeo Jobs Board – find screen-based work you can do from home from across the world.
  • hireartists.org – initiative to find work for artists by diversifying existing skills and expanding networks.

Working from Home

Keeping Creative

Thoughtful reading:

Upskilling (no pressure):

Design/Creative Thinking and Reading:

  • Scenography Today – a hub for people interested in scenic design: industry news, interviews, photos, products and technologies.
  • ADSR Zine – a platform for and by multidisciplinary artists.
  • Scene – an academic peer-reviewed journal dedicated to a critical examination of space and scenic production.
  • Prototype – screen culture beyond cinemas and galleries, curated and made from the heart.
  • Crossing the Line – web magazine and resource site covering screen and moving image culture.
  • Art Departmental – news, community and resources for the whole Art Department.

Creative Projects:

‘Live’ performance:

Made for screen:

Visual Arts & Design:



Just nice things:

  • Taronga TV – just sit back and watch some animals do animal things.
  • Sea Life Virtual Aquarium – live streams of penguins and dugongs, craft activities, and home schooling resources.

Have more resources we can include? Feedback welcome.
email: admin@apdg.org.au