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Below is a comprehensive list of resources for professionals and students wanting to join the industry.

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This Standard Agreement has been developed in line with conventional main stage design and production processes but with the intention that it may be adapted, or clauses adopted and used as appropriate for other design processes, such as team devised projects or development and workshop process stages.

This document contains an outline of base conditions, remuneration rates and roles, but recognises that each practitioner and employer will reach their own negotiated agreement.

These Guidelines constitute the 'appropriate industry standard’ as defined by the Australia Council. They are intended to guide best practice, however any agreement between the designer and the company will be subject to individual negotiation.


These documents are intended to outline proposed protocols, while working under Covid-19 restrictions. They are a guide only, as each production will need to adjust / modify depending on their individual project.


A podcast series of interviews with Australian film and theatre designers, from production design, set design, costume design, hair and makeup, SFX and props.

A series of video interviews running annually, with some of Australia's best designers across film, television, live performance and events.

A list of interviews that have appeared in the APDG Newsletter over the years.


The MENTORAPDG Program matches and connects mentees with potential mentors, provides a flexible structure to set clear goals and inspires interconnectivity between generations of designers.

This program runs yearly.

The Thelma Afford Award for Costume Design in Stage and Screen was established to promote the further study of theatre, film or TV costume design, in various visual dramatic media, for young matriculating high school art students or students from drama and art schools.

This program runs every 2 years.

APDG accreditation is granted to full members who have consistently demonstrated high standards in design and design innovation, as well as having actively promoted design’s value and contribution to Screen and Live Performance industries.


These resources have been listed to help keep you connected with support networks and to provide information during the Covid-19 crisis.

A list of local organisations providing support to for designers.

This collection of books provides an introduction to the work that industry practitioners undertake in the art and costume departments in screen and live performance.

A comprehensive list describing the roles across Art, Construction, VFX, SFX, Action Vehicles and Costume in film and television.

The APDG collaborates with the following organisations and guilds. Communities around the world with shared interests in a successful entertainment industry.

A list of online resources and organisations that many screen industry professionals use.

A list of design courses across Australia for those wanting to join the screen, live performance and digital production industry.

Resources and APDGreen interviews, discussing sustainability on productions.

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