Daniel Willis – Art Director

Creative Process: Bali 2002

Reader discretion is advised.

BALI 2002 is the true story of how everyday heroes from Bali, Australia and beyond defied the odds after the 2002 terrorist attacks, to bring order from chaos and hope from despair.

The show had a 10 week pre production and 6 week shoot. In that time, we filmed many different locations, from 5+ different hospitals, a morgue, jungles and on the main Jalan Legian street build – keeping everyone in Art Department flat out from start to finish!

The build was a large task, with many things to factor in – while trying to be as accurate as possible on such a sensitive event. The set had to be adapted due to size limitations, but an incredible feat was achieved by all involved.

Production Designer: Tim Ferrier APDG


The location

A visit to the location, where the set build would take place, in Rosehill, NSW.

While work to design the set had begun, the Locations department was hard at work to find a piece of land to build it. It had to be large, away from noise, and not too far from the city. A piece of land was finally found in Rosehill NSW which ticked most of the boxes. The set was shaping up to be a “T” intersection, so one of the major factors was the placement and direction of the set for light.

Construction begins... progress...

GregSets was locked in, and construction starts on the build.

Slowly, the set starts to come together. However rain was too common and delayed the build.

Plastering, painting and scenic work begins

While the build continued, a team of plasterers came in to start plaster work on the set. This was followed by the first layer of painting… Then a layer of scenic – of fire and explosion damage.

Meanwhile, construction started to lay the roof tiles, one by one…

Dressing Poppies Lane

After two months of construction, Set Dec were finally able to start on dressing Poppies Lane. A street where we would do all of the arrivals and markets. Overall we changed the street over 3 times to create different locations.

Dressing Jalan Legian

As construction started to finish, a team from Set Dec started to bring in rubble to each of the sets. This was a massive task. At the same time, we had a company lay down a layer of recycled bitumen, to help smooth out the road.

Time for some aerials

After months of work, we wanted to get some aerials where you truly see the scale of the set.

Don't forget the cars

One of the last layers of set dressing was the placement of the cars. A many discussion was had over the styles of cars, colours and finally the placement of each. After they were placed, a scenic went through and made each car look burnt.

Filming commences

After an incredible amount of time and effort, the set was ready for filming!

Night shoots with fires

Over three nights, we shot the fire elements. A number of areas on the set needed specialised plastering, to ensure they were fireproof and the set was safe.

The devastation

The aftermath of the bombings on 12 October 2002.

Promo art for Bali 2002, courtesy of Stan