President’s Letter – Summer 2022/2023

With the change in the Federal Government comes a renewed and refocussed energy toward clarifying and embedding the National Arts Policy. By way of example, MAKE IT AUSTRALIAN, is an important initiative and flag bearer for the Screen Industry. It is imbued with a sentiment which also flows to Live Performance and every corner of the arts…exciting times ahead!

It is heartening to report that the Screen Industry has had a very full year. Our Screen members have been busily engaged in doing what they do best…creating quality film and television. The volume of work shows little sign of abating and new studios are on the drawing board. Congratulations to all our members who are 2022 AACTA nominees and winners.

It is also pleasing to see that the number of Live Performance productions is on the rise as audiences once again take to their seats. It would be remiss of me to suggest that all has been smooth sailing for Live Performance designers and associates. Many productions continue to suffer at the hands of COVID, most recently the Sydney Theatre Company’s production of The Tempest, closed its doors during its first and second weeks of running. Thankfully the production has re-open to full houses. This does however mark a familiar pattern that this sector of the industry has had to weather, and may have to for the foreseeable future.

Happily, the APDG Awards Ceremony proved to be one of the guild’s highlights in 2022. It was a welcome return to meeting once again ‘in the flesh’. Perhaps even more importantly it re-focussed our attention on the diversity and talent that abounds in our industry and more specifically within our guild. Regardless of whether you were nominated or won an award, you should be rightly proud of what you achieved in 2021-2022, at times under adversity.

Congratulations to all the successful MENTORAPDG applicants and a big thank you to those that will mentor over the next twelve months. What a terrific initiative this has been, speaking as it does to nurturing through the sharing of practical knowledge and experience. The program would not be possible without the hard work and commitment of the program coordinators, so a big thank you to Tobhiyah Stone Feller and Lien See Leong.

In a special call out, Imogen Ross has been appointed the NIDA Green Manager. Imogen initiated APDGreen Conversations and has dedicated countless hours to sharing sustainability information with members over the last few years. Members can look forward to Imogen sharing further passion and knowledge in this important space.

Indeed the coming year is shaping up nicely for the Guild. The APDG Awards will be held in Melbourne at a location soon to be disclosed.

Daniel Willis has been working hard on redesigning the website and we look forward to unveiling the new and improved site in 2023.  Perhaps the most exciting feature of the new website is an APDG noticeboard, where members can share opportunities and ideas.

We are also planning an APDG conference for early 2024 which will avail members of another opportunity to come together, more on this as plans sure up. Can I encourage any member who has the time or capacity to lend a hand to this initiative, please wave that hand in our direction.

As 2022 draws toward a wrap, can I wish you all a happy and relaxing festive season.

– Michael Scott-Mitchell APDG