Genevieve Craig,  Justine Kerrigan, Sally Fryer, Caitlin Yeo, Ana Tiwary and Fiona Donovan APDG. 

Fiona Donovan APDG represented the women of the APDG at the WIFT International’s Women’s Day Panel in Parramatta, on March 12, 2022. 

Moderated by Genevieve Craig and organised WIFT, the panel featured a powerhouse of women from the Australian screen industry: Ana Tiwary from the Australian Directors Guild, Caitlin Yeo from the Australian Guild of Screen Composers, Sally Fryer from the Australian Screen Editors Guild and Justine Kerrigan from the Australian Cinematographers Society alongside Fiona. An inspiring morning, where extraordinary industry women, shared their knowledge experiences. 

“What an amazing opportunity to share with and discuss experiences with this group of multi talented women.  This is the second time I have been honoured to join a panel for International Women’s Day and again it is great to share the joy, struggles, potholes to look out for and the successes for all of us in the screen industry.  It is also good to reflect on our time in the industry and think about what it is like to start out again and what you would say to your younger self.  Also great to realise how much the industry has changed for the better for everyone in the past few years,” Fiona said. 

Emerging Designer co-chair Courtney Westbrook was one of the attendees. “As an Emerging Designer Representative for the APDG, I want to thank WIFT and the panelists for hosting such a wonderful event. It was so nice to get back to a live networking event that gave everyone an opportunity to mingle. The group discussed their beginnings, who and what helped them to where they are today, the struggles they have faced in the past and the struggles that are still present in our industry today. Giving women platforms like WIFT and opportunities to speak to industry practitioners will help to bring forth necessary changes within our workplace. Changes that will not only help lift women, but also help filmmakers to collectively find ways to improve our work environments for all,” Courtney said. 

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