• World Stage Design 2022

WSD 2022 Theme and Vision – The Three Sisters: Located near Canmore, Alberta, between UCalgary and Banff National Park, is a mountain known as the Three Sisters. The mountain is known for its three peaks and is a significant landmark to the area with stories and the name originating with the Stoney Nakoda First Nation. 

Big Sister – Indigenous Ways of Knowing: Saakokoto, our friend, a Blackfoot Elder and member of the Blood Tribe, has graciously agreed to be the knowledge keeper for WSD2022. We look forward to working with Elder Bottle, Saakokoto, to learn more about the Blackfoot way of living in Mohkinstsis and how interaction with land, landscape and storytelling have meaning for cultures of today. Canada is at a watershed moment in our history where many truths are being unearthed and brought to light, where our history as a settler culture is calling current generations to begin to repair damages and live together in a good way with Indigenous peoples. 

Middle Sister – Ecoscenography: Coined by Tanja Beer, the term ecoscenograpy, conjures ideas of ecology, economy, landscape, scenographic theory, and possibility. We are living in complex times, facing climate change, animal extinction, and resource depletion. As artists, creators, and makers, we have been asking, “what can we do to consume less, pollute less, and yet maintain aesthetics that appeal to our audiences?”. Beer’s theories of ecoscenograpy are appealing because they are rooted in aesthetic thinking and hopeful approaches to the creation of performance.

Little Sister – Multiple Realities: While the name of this sister seems diminutive, it is in fact, the hardest peak to climb of the Three Sisters mountain. The world of performance design has expanded to include virtual reality, artificial reality, and digital reality. Yet, we are still grappling with contextual and historical realities, cultural realities, and of course as designers, architects and technicians we cannot escape material reality. Multiple Realities allows the exploration of many aspects of performance design and lets us engage with digital methodologies and practices while connecting to our current state.

Submission Criteria Scenofest 2022 seeks performances that reflect the theme and vision of the Three Sisters of WSD2022. 

Performances should be around 60-90 minutes in length. We are aiming for each performance to be shown two or three times. Companies bringing performances are invited to consider also making a presentation, delivering a workshop, or holding a Q&A session that shares the work process. If you would like to make a presentation or deliver a practical workshop related to the performance, then please submit a proposal through the Workshops, Masterclasses, Panels, Activities for Community Engagement or Families application.  

Selection Process The WSD2022 Planning Committee will make the final selection from the submissions for performances. We will contact the finalists to coordinate all of the details required, including the performance venue information and technical needs. Acceptance for Scenofest at WSD2022 will require the selected artists/companies to take responsibility for the transport of their performance to and from Calgary, Canada. WSD2022 will provide the venue, technical facilities, production personnel, and technical crew for the load in, operation, and load out. 

WSD2022 reserves the right to photograph all events within the World Stage Design 2022 program and to use the imagery to publicize and document the event. All images used publicly will be fully credited with the Artist/ Company’s details. Releases for photographs and filming will be provided in the acceptance package.    If you are offered an invitation from the planning committee to bring your performance to Scenofest, your company will be given 5 guest registrations to WSD2022. 

Submission Deadline: Emerging Designer Exhibition applications are open until July 31.

Apply at: https://worldstagedesign.submittable.com/submit

Should any applicant have difficulties with online application please contact support@submittable.com for assistance.   

Should any applicant have general questions about WSD 2022, please contact info.wsd2021@ucalgary.ca or Julie Lynch APDG admin@apdg.org.au

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