Awards Interview: Edie Kurzer

Edie Kurzer APDG has received a costume design award the last two years running. Edie won in 2018 for the 6-part television drama  “Picnic at Hanging Rock” and another in 2019 for her work on the feature film “Judy and Punch”. 

  1. Why did you decide to enter your work into the APDG Awards? 
    I appreciate the APDG and the work it does within and for the design community. It is very special to be voted for by your peers – they have a keen eye for all the finalists and will think really hard about who to vote for! 

  2. What do you think makes a work “award winning”?
    This is a very difficult question! And that is one of the major quandaries of having any awards at all… There are so many variables that need to be taken into consideration when appreciating someone’s work. There must be something that stays with you as ‘perfect’ for the explanation of the characters and their role within the story. The ‘unexpected’ that works seamlessly (pardon the pun) to give the audience fuller insight without detracting from the overall world being created.

  3. Will you be entering anything into the awards this year? 
    Last year in the Covid World I worked on an ABC/Netflix series called “Why Are You Like This?” We had to stop for the first lockdown with 2 weeks still to go, we managed to complete shooting in-between the 2 lockdowns but it wasn’t aired until after the cut-off date for this year’s awards. I would love to enter it for next year though as we had a lot of fun with the costumes!

  4. What are you working on at the moment? I am soon to head off up north to begin a TV series for the NBCUniversal/Universal Studio Group. It’s been a while since I did anything up there, so I am really looking forward to it, although there seems to be chaos ensuing with so many productions all going ahead in the second half of the year.

Photo credits:

  1. EP 1 – Picnic at Hanging Rock – Mrs Appleyard (Natalie Dormer) at the Valentine’s Day photo 1 (Photo-FMA, taken by Narelle Portanier) 
  2. EP 2 – Picnic at Hanging Rock – Mrs Appleyard (Natalie Dormer) with Dr MacKenzie (Don Hany) attend the Fitzhubert soiree together  (Photo-FMA, taken by Sarah Enticknap) 
  3. EP 3 – Picnic at Hanging Rock –  Irma  (Photo by Kelly Gardner) 
  4. HESTER – Picnic at Hanging Rock –  and dream outfit (Featured Image)