In preparation for the APDG 2021 10th Anniversary Awards the Live Performance Committee has been working on the best way to represent all sectors of live performance design: set, costume lighting, video and makeup design. We have initiated some changes that increase the representation of live performance across the whole field of categories, and also acknowledge the individual design work of specific design roles. We hope you can see the difference, and can see a number of new ways you can enter your work into the Awards. 

Live Performance Designers are eligible to enter 10 of the 22 competitive award categories: Animation; Concept Art; Costume Design for a live performance or event; Design for a digital production or performance; Design Collaboration for a live performance or event; Emerging designer for a live performance or event; Lighting design for a live performance or event; Makeup, Prosthetic Makeup or Hair Design; Set Design for a live performance or event; and Video design for a live performance or event

As you can see – Events Designers are now included in all of the live performance awards, as an equal form or genre of live performance – along with drama, physical theatre, music theatre, dance and hybrid forms.

Video Designers now have their own award category, acknowledging them as equal members of the live performance design team. As a new category we are reaching out to as many video designers as possible to enter this year – spread the word!

We have broadened the digital award category, which features Visual Effects Design. This award acknowledges the increasing diversity and significance of digital design forms across multiple media and platforms, and now includes digital designers for transmedia, interactive media, virtual reality, or augmented reality productions, events or performances.

We have also introduced a new category – Collaboration for a live performance or event. This category aims to acknowledge the special collaborative team work of live performance designers – where the quality of the production reflects the combined work of set, costume lighting and video designers working together to develop the design. This award is also for designers working in combined roles, for example as Costume and Set Designer, or Set and Lighting Designer, or Video and Lighting Designer. We hope that this award will especially attract designers working in the independent and small to medium sectors where these combinations are very common.

We hope these changes reflect the diversity and richness of live performance design, and that we see a bumper number of entries this year. Remember that productions that were designed in the eligible period, but did not get to open due to Covid 19 are also eligible for the 2021 Awards. 

– Live Performance Chair, Stephen Curtis APDG