APDG President’s Letter – Summer ’20/’21

George Liddle APDG

2020, a year to remember or try to forget, I’m not sure which. It has been a tough year for most of our colleagues in the live performance and screen industries, more so for live performance with venues dark for most of the year. However, there seems to be a glimmer of light peeking through the tabs with venues now being able to accommodate bigger audiences. Screen colleagues have been luckier with productions all over Australian going gangbusters. 

Australia is being seen as a safe haven from COVID-19, with our governments federal and states getting on top of the infection, hats off to Victoria in particular. Although I must acknowledge that the federal government has shown little support for the arts and our industries in particular through the worsts of the pandemic, this has been a huge disappointment leaving many colleagues struggling throughout this period.

Through this dark period there has been a wonderful sense of a vibrant creative design community. We have come together via zoom with meet-ups both in live performance and screen, and have been fascinated and inspired by designers sharing their experiences through the APDG Dialogues in Design. Big thanks to all members who stepped up and organised and participated in the meet-ups and the social media platforms.

Congratulations to those APDG members who won AACTA awards – Karen Murphy, Melinda Doring, Alice Babidge and Mariot Kerr. 

Our own APDG awards postponed this year due to the COVID will be celebrated in 2021 bigger and better. The coming year looks positive for all of our design community, my best wishes everyone for a great Christmas and busy, creative and fabulous New Year.