• Vale Murray ‘Muz’ Gosson

Just wanted to say a few words about Murray. Murray ‘Muz’ Gosson passed away recently due to cancer. Murray was a very well known standby in Sydney for a long period of time. He did television and of course dominated the film side of it for many years doing the ‘big ones’, as I like to put it.

I first met Muz in the 90s. I was a unit assistant on a series in Sydney called Cody. I was fascinated with what he did and how diver each day was. As I was looking after the unit side of things on set, I would then help, follow, annoy and harass Muz on a daily basis hoping to one day be able to work with him.

It was after Cody that Muz took me on as his assistant standby and started training me up, teaching me all the ways to become a great standby. Over a five-year period he took me onto jobs such as Back of Beyond, Babe 2 and The Matrix.

There are numerous qualities about Muz that I will never forget, he was always so very patient, generous and kind, and had a good sense of humour. It was these qualities that I believe made him such a wonderful teacher, mentor and boss to me.

I will be forever grateful to Muz for the career that I continue to work in and continue to love.

Rest in peace my friend.

Adrienne Ogle

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