• Emerging Designers Spring Update

APDG Emerging Designers’ Committee was formed as a way to give a formal voice to the already active and dedicated community of up-and-coming designers.

The committee seeks to enhance the representation of emerging designers within our industry, advocate for their issues, encourage opportunities through our guild and create a strong support network of emerging designers. The purpose of this committee is to promote and cultivate the work and achievements of new designers. To create a supportive space for us in the industry to develop and be recognised as part of the long-standing design tradition in Australia.

We want to invite you all emerging designers to join us through the APDG and support the committee so we can collectively make positive change within our industry.Follow the APDG Instagram account to see the brilliant work of our Featured Emerging Designers every Saturday and join the design community on Facebook through the APDG Emerging Designers’ Network group for upcoming industry events.

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