• Ladies in Black Event

By George Liddle APDG, President

On 6 October, the APDG, along with the ADG and AIT, hosted a special screening of Ladies in Black at Event Cinemas, George Street, Sydney. Afterwards, guests enjoyed a discussion with Director, Bruce Beresford, Production Designer, Felicity Abbott APDG and Costume Designer, Wendy Cork APDG, that was facilitated by SMH Writer, Garry Maddox. 

The design elements in the film were particularly important to the telling of this story and underlined the importance of production, digital and costume design in the filmmaking process. Garry effortlessly guided the conversation to help Bruce, Felicity and Wendy share their joys and challenges in working on the film.

It was an informative and pleasant afternoon that was highly attended and well received by all.

Costume Designer Wendy Cork APDG, Director Bruce Beresford, Production Designer Felicity Abbott APDG, Production Designer and President George Liddle APDG

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