Privacy policy

The Australian Production Design Guild (APDG) compiles with the Australian Commonwealth Privacy Act.

Personal contact details

  • Personal contact details collected and stored on the APDG database are for use solely by the APDG and will not be made available to 3rd parties without the consent of the individual or organisation that has supplied information to the APDG.
  • Personal contact details will be used only for member verification and for staying in contact.
  • It is a requirement of membership of the APDG that the following personal contact details be collected and stored by the APDG:
    1. Full name
    2. Postal address
    3. Telephone contact
    4. Email address
  • The APDG does not store member’s credit card details.
  • Consent to make all or part of the personal contact details publicly available on the APDG members profile listing is granted if the option to show this information is chosen by the member.

Other information and images.

  • Consent is granted to the APDG to publish other information and images on the APDG website by the uploading of such information to the APDG website.
  • The APDG reserve the right not to publish all or part of the information and images uploaded by members to the APDG website.
  • Information and images supplied to the APDG must be supplied with the copyright holders permission granted for display on the APDG website.
  • The APDG will remove information and images from the APDG website that has been uploaded by members who do not hold the relevant copyright holder’s permission.
  • The APDG will not make any information or images available to 3rd parties except as it appears on the APDG website.


  • If you advise us that you no longer require APDG membership your personal contact details and all other information will be deleted from the APDG database.
  • The APDG may update this privacy policy at any time and post the latest version on the APDG website. Members will be notified of updates on the APDG website or as email notifications.