• How to Enter

Thank you for your interest in entering the 2022 Australian Production Design Guild Awards. Entries will open on April 1, 2022. If you’d like to be part of the APDG Awards you can buy tickets when they go on sale in May.

The information below is intended to assist entrants in answering questions and ensuring their entry application is successful.


  1. Ensure your membership is valid or you can join HERE.
  2. Ensure your work is eligible: Check that the work was first screened, broadcast, shown or performed* between February 2, 2021 and February 1, 2022. (*Please note entries for works that were designed, but then cancelled due to COVID-19 will be accepted).

You can save and close your application at anytime. To be eligible for the early-bird discount you need to submit prior to April 17, however you can still update your entry until May 1, 2022.


  1. Your Contact Details (Name, address, email).
  2. A PDF Design Process document: An outline of your design process with the director, co-designers and other artists through concept and design development and realisation.
  3. Design Process Images: 6-12 photos and/or illustrations that demonstrate the design or the design process in creating the work. Please submit as labelled JPGs or PNGs. You may also add labelled images, formatted into the the design process document, however this is optional.
  4. Video or Images of the Work: 1- 3 video files of the work to support your entry. The video files may be the full work, edited highlights or a promotional clip. You may upload an additional 12 photographs.
    If not submitting video, 15 – 20 high-resolution production stills made into a slideshow of the work.
  5. Promotional Clip of the work*: A clip of the work that demonstrates its design quality.  The clip is not judged but will be screened at the awards ceremony if the work is shortlisted by the judges. The clip can be either video or a slide show of images. Please ensure there is no text on this clip. Ideal length is 20 seconds and should be no shorter than 15 seconds and no longer than 25 seconds. Please aim for a file size of between 20Mb and 70Mb. Please note The clip should not exceed 500Mb. 
  6. Promotional Image: 1 image that demonstrates the quality of the work. This image will represent the work at the awards ceremony, on the website and in media coverage. This image will be less that 2000 pixels wide and submitted as a JPEG or PNG. A landscape formatted image is preferred.
  7. Design Team contact details: You may nominate up to 5 additional members of your design team. Please ensure you have their details and their approval. The Trophy will only have the entrants name, except for the Art Direction and Emerging Designer Team Entries, where all team names will be on the trophy. All team members must be APDG members.  Please note – there is only 1 trophy per category including the Art Direction Team Entries, additional trophies can be purchased by the entrant.
  8. Authority to use supporting documentation and promotional materials: Please ensure that you have the relevant permissions to use images and videos submitted.

Promotional Clip Assistance: 

If you are unsure how to create an APDG awards ceremony promotion clip, please refer to the following short videos that demonstrate how to create a clip using stills or how to trim/edit exisiting footage.

If you would like to be connected to a volunteer to assist with clip or have any further questions, please contact admin@apdg.org.au


Visit the APDG website and sign-in to your member account. If you don’t have a member account, you can join HERE.


Once you have logged-in, you will need to go to the ENTER HERE section of the website.


The new easy to use form guides you step-by-step through the entry process. If you need assistance, please email admin@apdg.org.au. You do not need to complete your entry in one session. You may start your entry and return to complete it prior to the closing date.


Payment of the entry fee/s can be made via secure online credit card payment embedded in the application form. If you don’t have a credit card, please contact admin@apdg.org.au for further payment options.



Saturday April 2 – Sunday April 17


Saturday April 18 – Sunday May 1

EMERGING members

Individuals – $25
Teams – $50*

Individuals – $35
Teams – $75*
FULL members

Art Director Team Entry $100*

Art Director Team Entry $150*




*Please note there is only one trophy per team, with all team member’s names on that trophy. Replica trophies can be ordered and purchased ($350 + delivery) up to 1 year after the awards ceremony.

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