• 10th Anniversary APDG Award Winners

Congratulations to all the 10th Anniversary APDG Awards winners!

The APDG are pleased to announce the following...


Canal Road Artisan Lifetime Achievement Award

The Canal Road Artisan Lifetime Achievement Award recipient is Brian Cox.


Storm FX Animation Design Award

Nicholas Tory - Art Direction and Design
Design Team: Jonathan Nix - Art Director/Key Compositor/Animator/Designer, Oliver Abbott - Art Director/Compositor/Animator/Designer, Christian Heinrich – Artist/Animator/Designer, Jelena Sinik – Designer/Artist/Animator, Bryce Pemberton – Artist/Designer/Animator

100% Wolf: Legend of the Moonstone
Flying Bark Productions
Jacquie Trowell – Series Director, Barbara Stephen – Producer

Samuel Lewis - Stop Motion Animator & Puppet Maker

Operation Buffalo-promo

Stanmart Film Services Art Direction or Set Decoration for a television production award

Operation Buffalo
Justine Dunn - Set Decorator
Design Team: Colin Gibson – Production Designer, Nicholas Dare – Art Director, Marty Williams – Buyer, Pete Malatesta - Props Master, Kate Rawlins - Set Designer

Jamie Cranney - Set Decorator

Lauren Richards - Set Decorator
Design Team: Jen Drake, Ben Crabtree – Senior Buyers/Dressers, Annalisa Francesca, Johnno Hyde-Neary, Ben Brooks – Buyers/Dressers

The Letter For The King
Adam Wheatley - Supervising Art Director


Docklands Studios Melbourne Art Direction or Set Decoration for a feature film award

Ian Gracie APDG - Supervising Art Director and Damien Drew APDG - Art Director
Design Team: Grant Major – Production Designer, Jill Cormack – Art Director, Mark Robins – Art Director

Gareth Wilkes - Art Director
Design Team: Jacinta Leong APDG - Production Designer

The Invisible Man
Katie Sharrock - Set Decoration
Design Team: Alex Holmes - Production Designer, Alice Lanagan - Art Director, Joanna Pullen - Property Master

Pandalappi Muntjinggar (Coorong's Milky Way)-promo

Film Cars Concept Art award

Pandalappi Muntjinggar (Coorong's Milky Way)
Casey Van Sebille

Matthew Hatton

Anna Tregloan APDG

I want to make a film about women-promo

Catherine Martin Costume Design for a short film, music video or web series award

I Want to Make a Film About Women
Valentina Serebrennikova

Valentina Serebrennikova

The End, The Beginning
Brianna Patrice Russell
Design Team: Sue Bateman - Costume Supervisor, Frances Harvey - Costume Design Assistant

Operation Buffalo-promo (1)

Lisa Mann Creative Management Costume Design for a television production award

Operation Buffalo
Wendy Cork APDG

Nina Edwards APDG

Calvin and Kaison's™ Play Power
Laurie Verling

The End
Lisa Meagher
Design Team: Christina Validakis - Costume Supervisor, Jamella Hassan - Standby Costume, Maddy Lord - Standby assistant, Penny Kelly - Costume buyer

BRAWL STARRS - Star Park-promo

Photoplay Design for a commercial award

Steven Jones-Evans APDG - Production Designer
Design Team: Loretta Cosgrove - Art Director, Bethany Ryan - Set Decorator, Ed Cotton - Set Designer, Simon Cowell - Concept Illustrator, Brian Carlin - Graphic Designer

2020 Telstra Ballet Dancer of the Year Awards
Josephine Wagstaff - Production Designer
Design Team: Veronica Jaramillo Arango - Art Department Assistant, Daniel Higgins, David Pieta - On set assistants

Australian Chamber Orchestra 2020 Season Campaign
Scott Geersen - Director
Design Team: Nidia Dias, Helen Hsu, Martina Stiftinger, Rory McLean, Rich Nosworthy - Design Directors

Jennifer Irwin APDG

The Witches-promo

WYSIWYG 3D Design for a digital production or performance award

The Witches
Glenn Melenhorst

Seth Larney

Elston - "Who Else?"
Cutting Edge
Design Team: Zenon Kohler - Creative Director/VFX Supervisor, Matt Crump - Lead 3D Artist

TEDxSydney 2020- REAL-promo

Next Printing Graphic and Title Design award

TEDxSydney 2020: REAL
Scott Geersen
Design Team: Alex North - Managing Partner, Ambrose Yu - Composer

Escape From Pretoria
Daniel Willis
Design Team: Scott Bird APDG - Production Designer, Lisa Brennan - Set Decorator, Laura Ockenden - Art Department Coordinator, Marney McKenna - Props Master

Girls Can't Surf
Bowen Ellames

Henry Needs A New Home-promo

JMC Academy Production Design for a short film, music video or web series award

Henry Needs A New Home
Celeste Veldze
Design Team: Frank Veldze - Head of Construction, Hannah Passmore - Costume Designer/Art Department Assistant

Midnight Zero
Joseph Tiernan
Design Team: Sasha Dalton - Art Director, Boudicca Davies - Props Master

I Want To Make A Film About Women
Valentina Iastrebova
Design Team: Pavel Trotsenko - VFX design, Brooke Painter, Lada Volovelsky, Annette Karause - Art Department Assistants

To Have and To Hold
Josephine Wagstaff


Harlequin Floors Production Design for a television production award

Melinda Doring
Design Team: Mandi Bialek Wester - Art Director, Lauren Richards - Set Decorator, Sarah Hooper - Assistant Art Director/Set Designer

Hungry Ghosts
Carrie Kennedy APDG
Design Team: Rob Molnar - Art Director, Victoria McKenzie - Set Decorator, Paul Buck - Prop Master, Jason Parkinson - Graphic Designer

On Becoming A God In Central Florida
Annie Beauchamp APDG
Design Team: Michelle C Harmon - Art Director, Michelle Belfield - Assistant Art Director, Landon Lott - Concept Artist, Kristin Bicksler - Set Decorator

The Luminaries
Felicity Abbott APDG BFDG
Design Team: Daniel Birt BFDG SDSA - Set Decorator, Gary Mackay - Supervising Art Director

I Am Woman-promo

JMB FX Studio Make-up, Prosthetic Make-up or Hair Design award

I Am Woman
Nikki Gooley

Liz Sharp

Hungry Ghosts
John Logue
Design Team: Kate Anderson - Hair and Makeup Supervisor, Liz Mason, Leah Meurer - Hair and Makeup Artists

Mystery Road, Season 2
John Logue
Design Team: Megan Tiltman - Hair and Makeup Supervisor, Liz Mason, Leah Meurer - Hair and Makeup Artists

Knowledge Ground - Bangarra


Knowledge Ground (Exhibition)
Jennifer Irwin APDG

Night Parade Of One Hundred Goblins
Tobhiyah Stone Feller
Design Team: Martin Kinnane - Lighting Design, Emily Ayoub, Madeline Baghurst, Arisa Yura - Devisors/Performers, Natalia Ladyko - Make Up Consultant

O, How I Dreamt of Things Impossible
Jennifer Irwin APDG

Anna Cordingley APDG
Design Team: Nick Roux - Film Concept and Direction, Mel Liertz - Design Associate and Costume Supervisor, David Anderson - Costumier, Phillip Rhodes - Milliner

Knowledge Ground - Carriageworks Immersive Installation-promo

Creative Crunchers Design Collaboration for a live performance or event award

Knowledge Ground (Exhibition)
Peter England APDG - Set Design
Design Team: Jake Nash - Set Design, Jennifer Irwin APDG - Costume Design, Nick Schlieper APDG - Lighting Design, Steve Francis - Sound Design

La Finta Giardiniera
Isabella Andronos - Set and Costume Design
Design Team: Martin Kinnane - Lighting Designer, Rachel Dal Santo - Hair and Make Up Artist, Alana Canceri - Costume Supervisor, Emily Saunders - Costume Assistant, Katrina Gale - Costume Assistant

Night Parade of One Hundred Goblins
Clockfire Theatre Company
Design Team: Tobhiyah Stone Feller – Designer/Devisor, Emily Ayoub, Madeline Baghurst, Arisa Yura -Devisors/Performers, Martin Kinnane - Lighting Designer, Natalia Ladyko - Make up Consultant

Oscar and Lucinda
Anna Tregloan APDG


Design Awards Lighting Design for a live performance or event award

Paul Jackson APDG

Photograph 51
Nick Schlieper APDG

The Beauty Queen of Leenane
Paul Jackson APDG

Nick Schlieper APDG

The Planet - A Lament-promo

Resene Paints Set design for a live performance award

The Planet - A Lament
Anna Tregloan APDG

The Alchemist
Charlotte Lane

The Beauty Queen of Leenane
Renée Mulder

UAE48 National Day Celebration
Michael Scott-Mitchell APDG

Avoidable Perils-promo

Technical Direction Company Video Design for a live performance award

Avoidable Perils
Craig Wilkinson - Video Designer
Design Team: Sean Dowling - Co-Devisor/Illustrator, Nathan Sibthorpe - Co-Devisor/Illustrator, Sarah Winter - Co-Devisor, Mike Willmett - Co-Devisor/Sound Designer, Christine Felmingham - Co-Devisor

Anatomy of a Suicide
Chris Petridis

The Brandenburg Orchestra - NOËL! NOËL! 2020
Michael Scott-Mitchell APDG

Henrik Ibsen’s Ghosts
In a new version by Rebecca Lenkiewicz
From a literal translation by Charlotte Barslund
Directed by Priscilla Jackman

30, 31 Oct, 2–4 Nov, 8pm
31 Oct, 4 Nov, 1pm
NIDA Theatres, Reg Grundy Studio

NIDA Foundation Trust Emerging Designer for a live performance award

Morgan Moroney

MAD FOREST: A Play from Romania
Chantal Marks - Set Designer
Design Team: Bianca Pardo - Costume Designer, Harrie Hogan - Lighting Designer, Marcus Peters - Vision Design

Olivia Rowlands

Monique Langford


AFTRS Emerging Designer for a screen production award

Courtney Westbrook & Ara Nuri Steel - Production Designers, Miniatures and Animation

Tiana Lioulios

It's All Gravy
Stephanie Dunlop & Keerthi Subramayam - Production and Costume Designers

The End, The Beginning
Brianna Patrice Russell
Design Team: Sue Bateman – Costume Supervisor, Frances Harvey – Costume Design Assistant

Daisy Axon (as Candice) with George Shevtsov (as GAVIN), H is for Happiness, Albany, Western Australia - Photograph by David Dare Parker

Hero Frock Hire Costume Design for a feature film award

H is for Happiness
Terri Lamera
Design Team: Amy Clark - Costume Supervisor

Amelia Gebler
Design Team: Nicole Bowman - Costume Supervisor

High Ground
Erin Roche

Measure for Measure
Olivia Simpson - Co-Costume Designer
Design Team: Zohie Castellano - Co-Costume Designer

True History of the Kelly Gang-promo

Docklands Studios Melbourne Production Design for a feature film award

True History of the Kelly Gang
Karen Murphy
Design Team: Rebecca Cohen - Set Decorator, Janie Parker - Art Director

High Ground
Ross Wallace

Steven Jones-Evans APDG
Design Team: Loretta Cosgrove - Art Director, Vanessa Cerne - Set Decorator

The Invisible Man
Alex Holmes
Design Team: Katie Sharrock - Set Decorator, Alice Lanagan - Art Director


Cameron Creswell Outstanding Contribution to design award

The Cameron Creswell Outstanding Contribution to Design Award recipient is Catherine Martin APDG.

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