APDGreen Conversations around the globe – 2021

“If theatre is to be part of the most vital conversation humanity faces, then it has to change its practice.” – Paddy Dillon, Theatre Green Book APDGreen Conversations has been involved with several exciting ecoscenographic projects happening recently, focussing production designers on environmental solutions. In this Quarter’s newsletter, theatre designer Imogen Ross reports back about conversations […]

APDGreen Conversations around the globe – 2022

Being ‘ecological’ means integrating an awareness that no decision stands on its own: every design choice is intertwined with social, environmental, economic and political consequences that are far reaching and capable of having long-term effects, and, ultimately, benefits. Tanja Beer – Ecoscenography APDGreen Conversations is catching up on the many exciting environmental sustainability developments both in Australia […]

APDGreen Conversations: Eco Provocation- re-thinking our practices

By Imogen Ross APDGreen Conversations has been catching up with the many exciting conversations happening across Australia and the world about environmental issues and production design. In this Quarter’s newsletter, theatre designer Imogen Ross sums up a few different perspectives from APDG designers and freelance production creatives who are actively championing environmental initiatives across film, TV, […]

APDGreen Conversations: EcoScenography – linking sustainable practises across international borders

By Imogen Ross APDGreen Conversations is a Live Performance initiative that actively champions environmental actions made by Australian production designers working across film, TV, live events and live performance. In this Quarter’s newsletter, theatre designer Imogen Ross looks at the growing interest in sustainable practises at World Stage Design (WSD) and the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space (PQ), and […]

APDGREEN: A Green Conversation

APDGreen: A Green Conversation, is an initiative by APDG Member Imogen Ross ‘There are three pillars of sustainability: Environment, Social and Economic and these should be addressed in all production activities. Choosing where we buy items can influence our role in looking after people and the planet. Social awareness and action within business is ever increasing […]

APDGREEN: A Green Conversation – with Chloe Greaves

Costume designer and APDG member Chloe Greaves was the costume designer and make-up artist for Red Stitch Theatre Company’s production Oil by Ella Hickson in December 2019. Chloe has allowed us to republish her program notes as part of the APDGreen: A Green Conversation.  When I first read Ella Hickson’s ‘Oil’ the theme that I found most […]

APDGreen Conversations – Quick Production Snapshot with Katja Handt

APDG member Katja Handt is a set and costume designer living and working in Australia since 2002. For the past 18 years she has worked on a wide range of projects in film, performing and visual arts as well as live events. She is the co-founder of Flightpath Theatre, an independent theatre company with director […]

APDGreen Conversations – Imogen Ross

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” –Buckminster Fuller This month’s green conversations have been with live performance designers Renee Mulder and Katja Handt about their choices to incorporate sustainability into their work. (Please see separate articles). The full cycle […]

APDGreen Conversations: Costumes

Imogen Ross shares some Costume Sustainability Tips she has gathered while researching Fashion’s environmental footprint.“Did you know that every time you buy something that is disposable you use it then throw it away. You are literally throwing your money away.”Everytime we make a decision, we have the power to support a practice that is either sustainable or one [...]