Interview from the Audrey Journal

In the third of a series of interviews with emerging female live performance designers APDG member Antoinette Barbouttis interviews Isabella Andronos – about designing theatre on a shoe-string, Greek heritage and more. Isabella works across theatre, opera, film, VR and TV. A graduate of NIDA and the Sydney College of the Arts, her recent set […]

Diary of an Uber driver: Interview with Virginia Mesiti

Production designer Virginia Mesiti discusses her work on the television series Diary of an Uber Driver.  As the production designer of ‘Diary of an Uber Driver’, how did you find your way into the world of the series?   Diary of an Uber Driver is a selection of human stories, Ben is the vehicle that navigates the […]

Reckoning: Interview with Timothy Ferrier

Tim Ferrier, production designer, talks to the APDG about working on a brand new television series, Reckoning. As the production designer, how did you find your way into the world of this series?   Reckoning is a contemporary drama set in a fictitious town in California. It is a show set in a seemingly happy, prosperous […]

Total Control: An interview with Brock Sykes

In relation to the television series “Total Control” you set decorated, how did you find your way into the series? Total Control (Working Title Black B*tch) is a political Drama. Outwardly it’s about extreme contrasts and polarisation. Race relations, gender politics, city versus country, academia versus life experience, equality under the law, these are some […]

Black Mirror: Interview with Annie Beauchamp

In relation to the Black Mirror Episode ‘Striking Vipers’ you designed; how do you find your way into the world of the film?   The first read of the script is a very instinctive process and I try to remain open to the material imagining the characters and environments with the emotion and subtext at […]

NIGHTINGALE: An interview with Alexander Holmes

Alexander Holmes speaks to the APDG about his work in the recently released film Nightingale. In relation to ‘Nightingale” how do you find your way into the world of the film?   When I receive a script, I try to read it at least a couple of times. Each read digs you deeper into the story. […]

Interview with Production Designer – Ben Bangay

Production Designer Ben Bangay on his life, career and upcoming TV Series, Secret Bridesmaids’ Business. APDG member Ben Bangay, is interviewed by APDG member Courtney Westbrook. How​ ​did​ ​you​ ​get​ ​involved​ ​in​ ​becoming​ ​a​ ​Production​ ​Designer​? I studied visual communication/graphic design and had always been interested in the ability good designers had to interpret the […]

Interview from the Audrey Journal – Antoinette Barbouttis

Over the last 2 years emerging Greek-Australian designer/theatre-maker and APDG member Antoinette Barbouttis has been talking to young female designers for a series of interviews for Audrey online magazine. Interviews by Antoinette Barbouttis originally published online in Audrey Journal, kindly republished here with their permission. We are thrilled to be able to include these interviews over future APDG newsletters, beginning here […]

Interview from the Audrey Journal – Anna Gardiner

By: Antoinette Barbouttis Date: 7 Apr 2018 This is the second in a series of interviews celebrating the female designer – specifically female set designers. Anna Gardiner and I met when we collaborated on repertory shows for Sport for Jove back in 2014. Since graduating from WAAPA in 2008, Anna has firmly established herself in Sydney, notably […]

Thelma Afford Award: An interview with Charlotte Lane

APDG member, Charlotte Lane, outlines her experiences since winning the Thelma Afford Award in 2016. We extend our thanks to Perpetual Trustees for their generous contribution. Charlotte writes: The Thelma Afford Award has given me a wonderful opportunity to develop my craft as a designer. After receiving this award, I spent time undertaking short courses […]