• APDG Live Performance Standard Agreement for Design

This Standard Agreement has been prepared by the Australian Production Design Guild (APDG). The APDG provides this Standard Agreement in good faith as a sample only, to be used by APDG members either in whole or in part as a basis for a negotiated agreement. It includes common terms that should to be considered and may be agreed on. However, it will need to be changed according to the specific terms which the parties negotiate: ever y agreement is different and you should seek your own independent legal advice as the APDG cannot provide legal advice and disclaims any and all liability in relation to the use of this Standard Agreement.

Designers and Producers using this Standard Agreement may also refer to The APDG Live Performance Design Guidelines for additional guidance on fees, fee payments and royalties.

This Standard Agreement has been developed in line with conventional main stage design and production processes but with the intention that it may be adapted, or clauses adopted and used as appropriate for other design processes, such as team devised projects orĀ development and workshop process stages.

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