AFTRS Award for Student Screen Design

‘The Best Way to Kill Your Mother’
Sarah Hopper


‘The Little Girl’
Hannah Sitters

‘The Fruity’
Alexandra Hickmott

‘New You, Hair & Beauty’
Joel West

NIDA Award for Emerging Designer for Stage

‘The Crucible’
Anna Gardiner


‘Europe by Michael Gow’
Benjamin Brockman

Catherine Steele

‘The Rivers of China’
Martelle Hunt

Film Finances Australasia Award for Set Decoration on a Television Drama

‘Marco Polo’
Christian Petersen


‘Anzac Girls’
Rolland Pike

‘Love Child Season 2’
Brock Sykes

MAXON Award for Title Design

‘Deadline Gallipoli’
Finn Spencer


Emma Freeman

‘The Little Death’
Scott Geersen

Matt Taylor

WYSIWYG 3D Award for Visual Effects Design

‘Avengers – Age of Ultron’
Animal Logic
VFX Supervisor – Paul Butterworth
CG Supervisor – Matt Estela
CG Artists – Matt Ebb, Benjamin Jones, Rodrigo Guimaraes
Compositing Artists – Tyson Donnelly, Alex Lay


‘Merry Go Round’
Ample Projects

‘Double-Blind No. 1’
Zenon Kohler

Animal Logic

The Interactive Design Award sponsored by Design Awards


Software Developer – Adam Katz
Designer and Prop Maker – Sharon Sanders
IT Hardware Programmer – Kris Mahatumaratana
Designer and Painter – Kwan Chemsripong
Software Developer and Tester – Carlton Zhu
Designer and Painter – Nik Sutila


‘Magna Carta: The Story of our Freedom’
The Explainers

‘Create Your Own Halloween Character’ (The Reject Shop)
Paul Sharratt

Animal Logic Award for Design on an Animated Short Film, Commercial or Series

‘The Nautilus & the Sea’
Ample Projects


‘Merry Go Round’
Ample Projects

Betadine ‘Lozenge’
Ian Anderson

Act for Kids ‘Riley‘s Story’
Ian Anderson

Academy Information Technology Award for Drawing and Concept Illustration

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’
Peter Pound – Principle vehicle designer and storyboard artist


‘The Nautilus & the Sea’
Ample Projects

Evan Shipard

‘White Night Melbourne 2015 – Wonderland Precinct Projections’
Peter Milne & the Electric Canvas creative design team

MAC Cosmetics Award for Make-Up, Hair & Prosthetic Make-Up Design

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’
Lesley Vanderwalt & Damian Martin – Hair and Make-up designer and prosthetic supervisor
Senior Prosthetics Make-up Artist – Elka Wardega
Makeup and Hair Supervisor – Nadine Prigge
Makeup and Hair Artist – Paul Pattison
Make-up Artist – Audrey Doyle
Make-up and Hair Artist – Catherine Biggs
Senior Prosthetics Artist – Sean Genders


‘The Secret River’
Ian Loughnan

‘House of Hancock’
Make-up Effects Group, Nick Nicolaou & Paul Katte

Hero Frock Hire Award for Costume Design on a Feature Film

‘The Water Diviner’
Tess Schofield a.p.d.g
Key Costume Standby – Andrea Hood
Webbing Master/Costume Assistant – Nathaniel Martin
Costume Department Supervisor (Turkey) – Funda Buyuktunalýoglu
Costume Department Supervisor (Australia) – Robin Elliot
Women’s Cutter / Costumier – Sally Steele
Men’s Cutter / Costumier – Gabriele Schmid


‘Ruben Guthrie’
Xanthe Heubel

‘Paper Planes’
Lien See Leong

Lisa Mann Creative Management Award for Costume Design on a TelevisionDrama or Production

Cappi Ireland


Wendy Cork a.p.d.g

‘Love Child’ Series 2
Xanthe Heubel

‘A Place to Call Home’ Season 2
Lisa Meagher

The Jennie Tate Award for Excellence in Costume Design for Stage – sponsored by HLA Management

‘LORE Bangarra Dance Theatre’
Jennifer Irwin – costume designer


‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’
Isabella Andronos

‘Blood Wedding’
Isabella Andronos

‘As You Like It’
Kate Aubrey

SMPTE Conference & Exhibition Award for Design on an Event, sponsored by Expertise Events

‘Merry Go Round’
Ample Projects


‘Aquatic Wonderland’
Ample Projects

‘White Night Melbourne 2015’ – Wonderland Precinct Projections
Peter Milne & The Electric Canvas creative design team

Showreelfinder Award for Live Performance Lighting Design

The Glass Menagerie
Damien Cooper


Ben Hughes

‘The Rivers of China’
Sian James-Holland

Photoplay Award for Design on a Commercial

Foxtel Movies
Aaron Crothers a.p.d.g
VFX Supervision: Scott Geersen
VFX, Design, Compositing (Flame): Scott Geersen


‘St George Thumbs’
Virginia Mesiti

‘Youi Life on Screen’
Scott Geersen

MEAA Award for Set Decoration on a Feature Film

Vanessa Cerne


‘Son of a Gun’
Nicki Gardiner

Kitty Taube

APDG Award for Set Design for Stage

‘Dr Zhivago on Broadway’
Michael Scott-Mitchell a.p.d.g


Owen Phillips

‘After Dinner’
Alicia Clements

Michael Scott-Mitchell a.p.d.g

Next Printing Award for Production Design on a Television Production

‘I’m a Celebrity’ Studio Kruga National Park South Africa
Chris Batson – production designer

John Leon Bennet – art director


‘The Weekly with Charlie Pickering’
Dan Patmore

Dan Patmore

AIT Award for Design on a Short Film

‘Double-Blind No. 1’
Zenon Kohler – creative director

VFX Designers – Jasper St Aubyn West, Ricky Marks and Raoul Teague
Animation Director – Ian Anderson
Editor – Kerry Farrell
Sound Designer – Mike Lange
Additional 3D Modelling – Jake Hempson


Josephine Wagstaff

Sherree Philips

Lee Launay

ACS Award for Production Design on a Television Drama

‘Game of Thrones’ Season 5
Deborah Riley – production designer
Supervising Art Director – Paul Ghirardani
Set Decorator – Robert Cameron
Supervising Art Director Croatia/Spain – Christina Moore
Art Directors – Hauke Richter and Philip Eton
Stand By Art Director – Mark Lowry
Set Decorator Art Director – Harry Pain


‘Redfern Now | Promise Me’
Felicity Abbott a.p.d.g

‘ANZAC Girls’
Scott Bird

‘Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Season 3’
Robert Perkins

Docklands Studios Melbourne Award for Production Design on a Feature Film


‘Mad Max: Fury Road’
Colin Gibson a.p.d.g
Supervising Art Director – Richard Hobbs
Art Director – Jacinta Leong a.p.d.g.
Set Decorator (Build) – Katie Sharrock
Set Decorator (Africa) – Lisa Thompson
Set Decorator (Sydney) – Nicki Gardiner
Vehicle Designer – Peter Pound


Steven Jones-Evans a.p.d.g & Sarah Cyngler – co-production designers
Art Director – Max Dennett
Set Decorator – Vanessa Cerne


‘Jupiter Ascending’
Hugh Bateup a.p.d.g

Fiona Crombie

Cameron Creswell Award for Outstanding Contribution to Design

Tess Schofield a.p.d.g
Costume designer for film, television, opera and theatre

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