• Judging Process


A new judging panel is formed each year and judges are invited to the panel by the directors of the APDG. The panel comprises industry professionals from relevant industries and where possible judges will be APDG accredited.

Each entry will receive up to 7 appraisals.

Judges will record their appraisals in the Judging platform using the following standardized criteria:

  • Integrity – the contribution of the design to the excellence and cohesion of the whole production.
  • Quality – the design exhibits depth, subtlety, sophistication, inventiveness and intelligence.
  • Skill – the design supports the project with a high level of creativity, originality and technical-mastery.

There is no limit to the number of award categories each judge may judge.

There is no limit to the number of consecutive years a judge may judge.

Judges will remain anonymous until the announcement of a shortlist of finalists.

Judging assessment forms will be reviewed by the APDG Directors.



Award recipients will be announced at the APDG awards ceremony in August.

There shall only be one winning entry/entrant in each category.

The shortlisted design team will have their name and role listed on the APDG website.

The winning design team will have their name mentioned at the awards event as well as being listed on the awards program and APDG website.

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