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Thank you for your interest in entering the 2019 Australian Production Design Guild Awards. Entries have now closed for the Awards. If you’d like to be part of the APDG Awards you can buy tickets when they go on sale on Wednesday 30 October or by letting us know you’d like to be notified when entries open next year.

In 2019, entries were open from Monday 15 July until Sunday 18 August. The information below was intended to assist entrants in answering questions and ensuring their Entry Application was successful.


The application form should take 5-10 minutes to complete and can be saved and closed at any time. The ENTRANT should have the following information to complete the form:

  • The ENTRANT’S APDG membership status
  • The COMPANY NAME of the FRIEND member if the BUSINESS NAME ON TROPHY OPTION is desired (optional)
  • The Award category being entered
  • The name of the WORK
  • The contact details of the ENTRANT
  • The names, roles and contact details of the DESIGN TEAM (optional)
  • A means of sharing the ENTRY PACKAGE with APDG
  • Authorisation for the APDG to publish the CLIP and STILL
  • The payment method


Provided the ENTRANT already has the files they wish to enter, sharing the ENTRY PACKAGE should take anywhere between 10-60 minutes. This includes curating the WORK you wish to submit, relabelling the files and uploading the files to Dropbox or Vimeo. An ENTRY PACKAGE consists of three components:

  1. The CLIP to be screened at the APDG Awards ceremony
  2. The STILL to be used to represent the WORK in the media
  3. The WORK to be judged

A completed ENTRY PACKAGE, when curated, labelled and shared with entries@apdg.org.au, looks like the example below. The accepted file types and how to label them for submission is explained on the following pages.


1. The WORK

The project to be judged. It may be submitted as any one of the following combinations:

  • The entire WORK, or a portion of it. Where there are multiple episodes or parts to a WORK, two episodes or two parts are sufficient per entry.
    Note: Please indicate the relevant section of the video(s) to be judged with IN and OUT points.
  • 6-10 photos and/or 2-3 illustrations that demonstrate the design or design process involved in creating the WORK. These are to be submitted as separately labelled jpgs.
  • Up to 500 words outlining the design process involved in creating the WORK.
  • In the case of projects where there is no video component a set of up to 30 high resolution production stills and/or images that demonstrate the design processcan be submitted. These are to be submitted as separately labelled jpgs.
  • Links to high resolution video recordings may be included, such as YouTube, Vimeo etc

 NOTE: The APDG does not accept merged pdfs of images OR PowerPoint files.

2. The CLIP

The CLIP should be a portion of the WORK that illustrates and promotes the design talents of the ENTRANT and the DESIGN TEAM. If the WORK is shortlisted, the CLIP will represent the WORK at the APDG Awards ceremony and on the APDG website. It is not judged.

  • The CLIP should be a 20-25 second movie or a compilation of up to 10 stills.
  • The CLIP may be supplied with or without a soundtrack but if it is supplied without a soundtrack the APDG will add music at its discretion.

For instructions on how to compile images into a CLIP please see here.

3. The STILL

The STILL should be a JPEG image (minimum of 2000 pixels wide) from the WORK that illustrates and promotes the design talents of the ENTRANT and the DESIGN TEAM. The STILL will represent the WORK at the APDG Awards ceremony, on APDG Awards related websites and in media coverage.

File Labelling Instructions

The Folder [Award category]_[Entrant’s name]
CLIP [Award category]_CLIP_[Title of the WORK]_[Entrant’s name]
STILL [Award category]_STILL_[Title of the WORK]_[Entrants name]
WORK File 1 [Award category]_[WORK]_[Title of WORK]_[Entrant’s name]_Movie.mov
WORK File 2 [Award category]_[WORK]_[Title of WORK]_[Entrant’s name]_Image1.jpeg
WORK File 3 [Award category]_[WORK]_[Title of WORK]_[Entrant’s name]_Image2.jpeg
WORK File 4 [Award category]_[WORK]_[Title of WORK]_[Entrant’s name]_Text.docx

The [Award category] can be abbreviated to an acronym of its name.

  1. Animation Design for screen – ADC
  2. Costume Design for a feature film – CDFF
  3. Costume Design for a live performance – CDLP
  4. Costume Design for a television production – CDTP
  5. Costume Design on a web series – CDWS
  6. Design for a commercial – DC
  7. Design for a live event – DLE
  8. Design for a live performance – DLP
  9. Design for a short film or music clip – DSFMC
  10. Design for an interactive or experiential game – DIEG
  11. Concept Design: drawing, concept illustration and concept models for screen, events, interactive exhibition and live performance – CD
  12. Emerging Designer for live performance: for student or emerging set, costume or lighting Design – EDLP
  13. Emerging Designer for screen: for student or emerging animation, costume, production or VFX Design – EDS
  14. Lighting Design for a live performance – LDLP
  15. Make-up and Hair Design: for film television or live performance – MHD
  16. Production Design for a feature film – PDFF
  17. Production Design for a television drama – PDTD
  18. Production Design for a television production – PDTP
  19. Production Design for a web series – PDWS
  20. Set Decoration: for a feature film or television – SD
  21. Set Design for a live performance – SDLP
  22. Title Design – TD
  23. Visual Effects or Video Design: for a live performance or screen –VEVD


The ENTRANT may choose to share the ENTRY PACKAGE in 1 of 2 ways. Please include any relevant passwords.

  1. Shared via Dropbox Link to entries@apdg.org.au
  2. Vimeo download link (ensure it is set to download until December 20 2018) to entries@apdg.org.au

If you are having difficulties sharing the ENTRY PACKAGE please email entries@apdg.org.au to arrange an alternate delivery method.



Monday 15 July – Sunday 28 July


Monday 29 July – Sunday 4 August



FULL members



FRIEND members



Payment of the entry fee/s can be made via Bank Transfer or by secure online payment embedded in the application form. Please identify your payment with the name of the ENTRANT.

Bank Transfer
Bank:              St George Bank
Name:            Australian Production Design Guild
BSB:               112-879
Number:        465 792 765

Secure Online Payment
Please process your payment using the application form instructions.

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