INTERVIEW: With Morgan Moroney on Ghosts

APDG Emerging Designer Screen Representative, Courtney Westbrook interviewed 10th Anniversary APDG Award Emerging Design for a Live Performance winner Morgan Moroney about his work Ghosts. How did you begin the process of designing ‘Ghosts’? Productions of Henrik Ibsen’s Ghosts can easily become museum pieces, and it is no secret that the plot’s melodramatics can seem archaic and distanced […]

Seriously Red – Interview with Penelope Southgate & Tim Chappel

Production designer Penelope Southgate and costume designer Tim Chappel share their experiences working on the film Seriously Red screening at this year’s Sydney Film Festival.  Seriously Red is a rowdy and rambunctious musical comedy. Red (Krew Boylan) is at a crossroads in her life. A vivacious and hilarious redhaired woman grappling with high expectations and low self-esteem, she pours […]


In 2019, Karla Urizar won “Design for Live Performance: Production, costume and set Design” for “Welcome the Bright World”. 1.     Do you have any fond (or not so fond) memories of working on Welcome the Bright World?  I only have fond memories of designing Welcome the Bright World. Being born in South Australia and studying Theatre Design there, it was wonderful to go back and design Stephen Sewell’s deeply philosophical and political […]


Ian Gracie APDG received the 2018 APDG Award for Excellence in Screen – Acknowledging excellence in Design and Practice or Artisan Excellent on Australian or International Productions for his work as Supervising Art Director on Alien: Covenant.   1. Do you have any fond (or not so fond) memories of working on Alien: Covenant?  Pictures of that scale […]

AWARDS INTERVIEW: Louise Wakefield

Louise Wakefield won the 2012 APDG Costume Design For Screen Award for her work on “Underbelly: Razor”. The APDG caught up with Louise to ask her about her award winning work.  1. Can you tell us a bit about your design process for Underbelly: Razor?  Early days Paddy Reardon (Production Designer) and I joined with the writers to discuss […]

Awards Interview: Edie Kurzer

Edie Kurzer APDG has received a costume design award the last two years running. Edie won in 2018 for the 6-part television drama  “Picnic at Hanging Rock” and another in 2019 for her work on the feature film “Judy and Punch”.  Why did you decide to enter your work into the APDG Awards? I appreciate the APDG and […]


Nick Schlieper has had numerous APDG Award nominations and won the 2013 Lighting Design for stage or event award for his work on Face to Face.  The APDG interviewed Nick about his work and his award win. 1. Do you have any fond (or not so fond) memories working on Face to Face?  I have both fond and […]


Herbert Pinter APDG received the APDG Design on Television Drama Award at the inaugural APDG Awards for his work on CloudStreet. Over a decade on, the APDG got in touch with Herbert to find out what the award meant to him and what he is doing now.   In addition to your APDG award, CloudStreet won several awards including […]

FAME LSA Interview – Stephen Curtis

FAME LSA is the Film, Arts, Media and Entertainment Law Students’ Association, a group of law students from University of Melbourne Law School, passionate about arts and culture. FAME aims to foster graduate student engagement with the creative industries by promoting creativity, facilitating professional development and offering skill building opportunities for those interested in all […]

Interview with Rennie Watson

How did you begin your career in Production Design?  I started as an actor and when I was going through acting school (Theatre Studies at NMIT) was always the student that preferred to be building the sets and making puppets for my class. It’s funny how you don’t see what is right in front of […]