• Month: December 2019

Double Feature: Babyteeth – Sherree Philips interview

SHERREE PHILIPS Sherree, what led you to working on Babyteeth? I had worked previously with Alex White (Producer) Art Directing a Halloween commercial back in 2016 for MandM’s. Unsure how I got on that one – but we just hit it off like, we had been friends and collaborators for years. Alex emailed me the […]

Double Feature: Babyteeth – Amelia Greber interview 

The film Babyteeth was a hit at the 76th Venice International Film Festival. Variety described it as “The most youthful and surprising entry in this year’s Venice competition, “Babyteeth” arrives fully formed in its bite”. In this fascinating double interview APDG members Laurie Verling and Laura Anna Lucas (who both interned on the film) interview Costume Designer Amelia Greber and […]

Lambs of God: Interview with Xanthe Heubel

Costume designer Xanthe Heubel describes her work on the gothic tale, Lambs of God.  As the costume designer of the mini-series “Lambs of God”, how did you find your way into the world of the series?   Sarah Lambert’s scripts were incredibly rich and evocative and provided endless opportunities for research and visual exploration. After reading the […]

Interview from the Audrey Journal

In the third of a series of interviews with emerging female live performance designers APDG member Antoinette Barbouttis interviews Isabella Andronos – about designing theatre on a shoe-string, Greek heritage and more. Isabella works across theatre, opera, film, VR and TV. A graduate of NIDA and the Sydney College of the Arts, her recent set […]

Diary of an Uber driver: Interview with Virginia Mesiti

Production designer Virginia Mesiti discusses her work on the television series Diary of an Uber Driver.  As the production designer of ‘Diary of an Uber Driver’, how did you find your way into the world of the series?   Diary of an Uber Driver is a selection of human stories, Ben is the vehicle that navigates the […]

Reckoning: Interview with Timothy Ferrier

Tim Ferrier, production designer, talks to the APDG about working on a brand new television series, Reckoning. As the production designer, how did you find your way into the world of this series?   Reckoning is a contemporary drama set in a fictitious town in California. It is a show set in a seemingly happy, prosperous […]

Total Control: An interview with Brock Sykes

In relation to the television series “Total Control” you set decorated, how did you find your way into the series? Total Control (Working Title Black B*tch) is a political Drama. Outwardly it’s about extreme contrasts and polarisation. Race relations, gender politics, city versus country, academia versus life experience, equality under the law, these are some […]

Les Norton: Big hair and big makeup

Makeup and hair designer Jennifer Lamphee talks to the APDG about recreating the 1980s on Les Norton.  In relation to the series ‘Les Norton’ as Makeup and hair designer how do you find your way into the world of the series? How much fun is the late 80’s!!! I loved the world of the 80’s […]

2019 South Australia Committee Report

SA Steering Committee wrap up 2019 2019 has been a hectic year of professional engagements for South Australian members. This included a sizable contingent of SA APDG members employed on the Warner Bros feature film Mortal Kombat. The February meeting ran alongside the opening of Robyn Archer’s Picaresque production for the Adelaide Festival of Arts.  […]

2019 Queensland Committee Report

First the good news. The 2019 production slate in Queensland across all platforms has grown during the past year, however, as the calendar year draws to a close, the state could be busier. From the beginning of 2019 , the Queensland film, television and associated screen media industries have been consistently active. Screen Queensland has […]

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