An exhibition of emerging costume design work at the State Historical Museum in Moscow, Russia.
Julie Lynch will be leading the curatorial team of designers who will coordinate and oversee Australian entries for the next exciting costume exhibition to be held in Moscow in 2019. The final selection of Australian works will be chosen by a team of APDG accredited designers and leading design educators. The Australian curation of works will then be submitted to the international curatorial team for final selection. If you are an Australian designer or costumier who began their design career in the 21st century, you are eligible to submit work for consideration. Submitting work is free, and we welcome all entries.

State Historical Museum in Moscow, Russia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State_Historical_Museum#/media/File:Państwowe_Muzeum_Historyczne_w_Moskwie_01.JPG
State Historical Museum in Moscow, Russia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State_Historical_Museum#/media/File:Państwowe_Muzeum_Historyczne_w_Moskwie_01.JPG

From the international curation team:
We live in urgent, volatile times where the instantaneous dissemination of world news challenges us to respond as a global community. As media, technology, and shifting national identities form us afresh, so too our perception and practice of theatre is breaking old boundaries.  In this climate, we seek to provide an opportunity to view the work of costume and fashion designers from around the world, without judgment or discrimination against gender, race, or the social/political/economic environment in which the artists live.
We hope to find and release work that is unfettered from years of being told- “You can’t do that because….”  We anticipate seeing how this generation of designers- who have come of age with advanced media, responsive fabrics, video, computers, laser cutters and 3D printers – is using technology in their designs.  We look forward to seeing how their hopes and dreams, anger and fear coalesce with their art to forge new design pathways.
The exhibition will contain costume designs – in renderings, photographs and 3-dimensions- from designers who entered their fields and created innovative work between 2000-2018. Costume design for cinema, opera, ballet, theater, devised work, performing arts, and fashion will be included. Unproduced projects will also be curated. The designs of students, young professionals and independent costume or fashion designers, interpreters and makers will be feature.
As curators of Innovative Costume of the 21st Century: The Next Generation, we anticipate revolutionary, creative, original, unusual, unique, inspirational, courageous, innovative, experimental designs from 70+ nations in the world.  We aspire to reveal the visions of life, living and the future that young designers forecast. Our goal is to both curate and document the artistic vocabulary that the next generation of theatre and fashion designers are creating, and to generate a platform by which dialogue on the issues of the day may be explored.  As before, in addition to an astonishing exhibition in Moscow, an extensive catalogue and website archive will be created, with international tours anticipated.
 Submission deadline will be in January, and the submission platform will be launched in the next month. However, you can start planning and collecting your work now.
 Important Information

  • You will be a stage and/or screen costume designer or costumier who began their design career in the 21st century
  • You will be an Australian citizen or permanent Australian resident to qualify as an Australian entry.
  • You will have gained copyright permission for all images submitted, and provide proof of this where necessary ( and a form will be provided for this in the online submission)

Submission instructions
We seek unique/original ideas, innovative use of materials, innovative use of technology.

  • Designers should submit to their regional curators up to 5 photos or renderings or both, from the same show, a total of 5 productions from the year 2000 onward. Maximum 25 images.
  • Designers should submit photographs of the actual costumes they wish to showcase at the exhibition.
  • Designers may submit designs for a never produced play/event.
  • Regional Curators -who have started their career in the 21st century- are encouraged to submit their own designs and participate in the exhibition.

THE MINIMUM RESOLUTION SUGGESTED FOR PRINTING AT 24″ x 36″ IS 3600px x 5400px, OR 300DPI at 100% SIZE (24″ x 36″) PREFERABLY 300DPI.
We look forward to seeing exciting work from Australia to submit.
Julie Lynch APDG
APDG Vice President
For more information email Julie Lynch at – julielynchdesign@gmail.com

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