• Live Performance Committee Update

The Live Reference Group has recently welcomed Melbourne designer Marg Horwell, joining Tobhiyah Stone-Feller, Paul Matthews, Julie Lynch, Eamon D’Arcy, Anna Tregloan, with myself as co-ordinator. Meetings are every 6 weeks and all live performance designers are always welcome. We were joined by Peter England at our last meeting on May 17 in which we progressed a number of exciting projects.
An APDG/Live Standard contract is now in second draft, thanks to Anna Tregloan’s brilliant work in drawing together an initial draft using the APDG Guidelines and other design industry contracts as templates. The revised draft is now being reviewed by the Reference Group with feedback due by June 7. We are working towards having a resolved draft ready for legal advice by mid-year.
Julie Lynch announced that the Thelma Afford Theatre, Stage, TV or Film Costume Design Award of $10,000 for a designer under the age of 30 years to engage in study, workshop, training or mentorship has finally been approved, and will be ready to announce the first recipient at this year’s APDG Awards. The APDG has been engaged to manage the Award, and will be looking for panellists to select the applicants. Many thanks to Julie for her tireless effort in securing this award.
Tobhi is joining Diann as the Live rep towards setting up an APDG Mentoring program to be announced in June. A framework for how the mentoring program will be run will be drafted to guide both mentees and mentors, with the plan that the mentoring partnership would be for a 12 month period, with some structure provided to the mentorship by the APDG mentoring framework. Tobhi suggested we should be aiming for 6 mentoring placements in the first year. APDG/Live has already engaged 6 members as potential mentors and will be approaching individual designers over the next month to build a database of mentors.
A Costume Design Forum has been planned as a public event as part of Sydney Design Week in September, with a panel of 3 costume designers across stage and screen. NIDA is co-hosting this event, which will focus on how costume designers contribute conceptually, to the meaning of the work. Planning for another forum on the director/designer partnership in theatre is also underway.
When APDG/Live met with General Managers and Artistic Directors from the major subsidised theatre companies (CAST) last year we discovered that there is still a general lack of understanding of the long hours that a designer works in fulfilling their role. Three of the Reference Group are planning to use a time-keeping software – Toggl – to record our hours so we can provide documentary evidence in future discussions. The fee for this is $5.00 per month for a group licence of 4 users, plus an individual user fee of $4.50 pm. We are looking for a fourth Live Designer and APDG sponsorship to cover the group licence.
APDG/Live Reference Group, on behalf of live performance designers within the APDG.
Julie Lynch
Marg Horwell
Paul Matthews
Tobhiyah Stone-Feller
Eamon D’Arcy
Anna Tregloan
Stephen Curtis, co-ordinator


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